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O-Bomb YA, by the Obama-nator

July 10, 2008

Look, this will be relatively short. Barrack Obama sold you, and your right to privacy down the road. Even George W. Bush took time out of his day to thank those who gave him everything he wanted in the FISA bill. Thirty Three democrats voted for the bill, Barrack Obama was one of them, but closer to home was Bob Casey Dem. from my area in Pennsylvania.

This is a short summery on how it went, as the Democrats show that 2006 was not a fluke, and they will turn their backs on the peoples rights and the Constitution, the same as the Republicans and this administration.


Update, 2:29 pm ET: Obama just voted to approve a procedural motion that will bring HR 6304 up for a vote. Boxer and Durbin voted no on the motion; Obama appears ready to break hearts across the Left.
Update, 2:36: Kristen Breitweiser at HuffPo is keeping a candle burning for Hillary over this. Unfortunately, Hillary voted for the procedural motion as well. Looks like she plans to support the FISA compromise, although like Obama she voted for both failed amendments.

Update, 2:39:Clinton changed her vote to No. Profiles in Courage, or did she read the HuffPo article?

Update, 2:45:That was a cloture motion that Obama supported. No filibuster for the netroots! Cloture passed 72-26; the actual vote comes next. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) opened up final debate with a speech in support of the FISA reform.

2:56:Obama votes yes; Clinton votes no. However, voting is still open

3:04– Feinsteins support for the FISA reform shouldn’t surprise too many people. She’s a moderate on natl-security matters. Kerry and Boxer, unfortunately, didn’t surprise anyone with their no votes.

3:06– Bill passes with a 69-28 vote. Did Hillary set herself up for a netroots push at the convention?

No matter what party you back, the passage of this bill was a blow to the Fourth Amendment. As I stated before, shortly after the bill was passed George W. Bush held a press conference to basically thank congress for giving him everything he wanted.

This bill will help our intelligence professionals learn who the terrorists are talking to, what they’re saying, and what they’re planning. It will ensure that those companies whose assistance is necessary to protect the country will, themselves, be protected from lawsuits for past or future cooperation with the government. It will uphold our most solemn obligation as officials of the federal government to protect the American people.
I want to thank the members of my administration who worked hard to get this legislation passed. I thank the Democratic and Republican leadership in the Congress for their efforts, particularly House Majority Leader Hoyer, House Republican Whip Blunt, Senators Bond and Rockefeller, Congressmen Hoekstra, Reyes and Smith.

At moments like these, you can understand why more and more of the citizenry are losing faith in the Legislative Branch of government.


ps. I can’t wait to see how the Obama faithful try to explain this.

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  1. July 20, 2008 8:52 pm

    I dont understand how we are soo blind to see the terrorist is our government, our president. They are protecting us from ourselves. We are sheep being led to our own demise.



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