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The Partisanitis Has Become an Epidemic.(a dangerous one)

July 2, 2008

A couple of months ago, I wrote on the movement that the democrats had taken. Article It was the start of an, “ObamaNation”. However, it is getting worse, the democrats have taken a page out of the Neo-Con play-book, and are using better than the Neo-Con ever have. It seems that the Followers of Barack Obama follow with out Question, just as the followers of George W. Bush did in 2004..

They are not all that way, there are a few that are backing Obama because they will not vote for John McCain, or what they are calling (the third term of George W. Bush). Those who do follow Obama like this is the second coming of Jesus Christ, are the ones who frighten me. They will believe all that Obama tells them, even that which has been proven to be not true or just flat-out wrong. It is as if they believe he will, walk on water, part it, and then turn it in to wine. They fill that as soon as he enters the office (if indeed he does) that we will enter Nirvana .

One of the things that Obama did, and it shows how close his stance is to McCain, is the vote on the FISA bill. It has been said by his camp, that the bill will allow the telecom companies to be tried on the criminal side, but will not allow civil action to be taken. The entity that allowed it to happen, and, or, told them to do it can if they so wish, benefit from the bill. However the very people that were violated by their actions cannot seek justice.

Will the recipient of the office follow the distrustful plan that has been laid out by the administrations before them? Only time will tell. However, after the first 100 days in office we will get a decent perspective of who and what either Obama or McCain are really about. So do yourself and the country a favor, study up on these two and make an informed shot at voting, or stay at home, and watch the country go down for the third time, while you wave that flag.

AbA 607

Ps. Those who know me, know that I cannot with good conscious vote for either candidate. Especially on the Diebold machines in my precinct. however I will be protest-voting, by showing-up and signing the registry and then leaving.


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