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Go Head Crash It

July 1, 2008

Last week it was predicted by the so-called experts who have their finger on the pulse of the oil industry, that we could see seven dollar a gallon gas in two years, but this is all speculation of course. The same speculation that drove oil over 140.00 a barrel Friday for a record $142.00 barrel at one point. If the past surges are any indication, we will see 7.00 dollars a gallon at the pump sooner than two years.

With oil going up and the dollar headed in the exact opposite direction, it feels as if they are trying to crash the economy. The one thing that has pissed a lot of people off, this week is the fact that legislature has taken off for the Fourth of July and left a stack of bills some of which would help ease the pressure on the American citizenry. However, lets give them credit, they did manage to get the Pork through they wanted. Can’t you just see when these legislators are out stumping for re-election some of the things they can point to that they did for their constituents.

“I am proud of the hard work I did on your behalf to get this park put in place so that you will have a place to pitch your tents now that you have lost your homes. So remember to vote for Joseph R. Blow for senate.”

Or how about this one.

“I proudly supported the bill, giving Kellogg/Brown the No-Bid contract to refurbish these Interment Camps and build new ones so that the citizenry of this fine country will have a place to be held while our economy goes through this slump. Remember vote Joseph R. Blow for senate.

I am not anti-Semitic, but I am anti-Zionist and I am pissed. Not that the congress decided it was more important to increase the spending to Israel before taking care of their own, but they would do it foe any country over their own.


The US Congress has approved a 170 million dollar increase in security assistance to Israel as part of its new 10-year, 30 billion dollar defense aid commitment to the Jewish state.

The money for Israel was part of a larger supplemental spending bill that included 162 billion dollars for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The legislation gained final approval in a 92-6 Senate vote late Thursday.

America’s pro-Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, welcomed the congressional action, saying it would increase US aid to Israel to 2.55 billion dollars in fiscal year 2009, up from 2.38 billion dollars this year.

This is nothing new of course, but in a time that the country is head for a total melt down this should bring people to their feet in major protest. Instead, we are told how bad others have it in other countries, and the people go on with their lives.

Two weeks ago a local station did a story telling about the of gas prices in other countries, such as Britain, Japan, and the Netherlands. This would be of some validity if they would have mentioned the type of government they are.

Another reason the above-mentioned countries can hold their own is, they are small and kept up their infrastructure, and they have mass transit systems. In the United States all most anywhere you need to go is out of reach if you don’t own an automobile.

Because this country acts as a Capitalist/Fascist government, hiding as a Democratic Republic, it is hard to stay a float when on part effects all other parts. As we all know, fuel prices effect all things not just travel. Moat of the things we use are petroleum based. From the packaging of many of the things we buy, to the items themselves. From the harvest to the power to bake that cinnamon roll we have with our coffee. (Which by the way has gone up.

So keeping all that in mind, you can see why it seems that they are trying to crash the country. As I write this, we have found that the administration is running black-op in Iran. You may ask, what does that have to do with crashing the USA? An attack on Iran would hurt the world economy. However, it is speculations of this sort that keep the oil prices going up, and the dollar plummeting.



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