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Celebrities, The Government and Conspiracies. With Video

June 8, 2008

A week or two has gone bye since I saw Keith Olbermann call the NAFTA Super Highway a Conspiracy Theory, thus basically calling all that know this to be happening Conspiracy Nuts. The thing is when you get a celebrity to label a group of people that have gotten to close to exposing your plans, a large demographic will discredit those who are questioning the plan, and its intentions.

This has been done by Bill Maher to the people that don’t believe the governments official story about 9-11-2001. Bill was dumb founded when Esai Morales Let Bill Maher know that he was a person that does not believe the government when it comes to what they said went down on 9-11-2001. On the same show Esai Morales brought up a known fact, during a discussion on the CIA and drugs in the intercity. You can find these videos on Youtube or on my blog entry here. Bill Maher Shows His Real Colors

The meaning of a Conspiracy, is when two or people get together and plan something. Like when your friends get together and plan your surprise birthday party. So it is easy for someone to call another person, or group conspiracy theorist. However since 9-11 it has been used more than anytime before, with a sinister meaning. What has happen is that the master minds have seen how fast the public is to bite on there bait. Most people don’t want to know or believe that their government, (the very people who were sent there for their safety,) would do something to harm the public to extend their agenda.

Most of the country does not know of the Government plan called, Operation North Woods. Operation North Woods was to be an attack on the USA by Cuba to start a war that was wanted with that government. It was a False Flag operation, were the U.S.A. was to attack the U.S.A. Below is a video that explain the plan behind Operation North Woods. (More below.)

As I pointed out above it is easier to discredit a group that gets to close to you, than it is for that group to get the truth out and stop the Government’s plans. The one thing that we must remember, Adolf Hitler was able to do the same thing, and we know what happen there. This is a paraphrase of course, but it is said, That if you want to dupe the people, you must make it so unbelievable that the masses will be on your side when you are accused.


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