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If You Thought That Was Ugly, (What will Obama’s VP pick Be?)

June 5, 2008

Well it is finally over, or is it? The MSM is telling us, on Saturday Hillary Clinton will make it official. She will announce that she is conceding the Democratic Primary to Barrack Obama. However will she be asked to be Barrack’s running mate? I personally don’t think so. There are a couple of reasons for this conclusion on my part:

1. This is Barrack’s moment to shine. He is not going to want to share It, (History) with Bill and Hillary.

2. There was to much negativity for him to just suck it up and say that is politics. You know, like McCain did in 2000 against George W. Bush.

3. As it stands now there is more power attached to the Vice Presidents position than ever before in the history of the country. (Thanks to Dick Cheney.) The country does not want the type of President/Vice President team, we have had for the last eight years. A situation where the Vice President has as much say, if not more than the President.

4. Scandals, Scandals, Scandals. Barrack will have enough of a hard time fighting off the attacks that will be levied against him, and Michelle. He will not have time to worry about the luggage that Bill and Hillary will bring with them.

5. I feel this is important. There are much better choices out there that will be a better match for what he claims he will do.

A. Senator Joseph Biden: Biden’s experience as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would serve Obama. Though it might be considered a fault, Biden can be hard to control and prone to not always filtering his words before speaking. However it is something the Democrats need to regain any chance of showing they have a backbone.

B. Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, though almost certain to be the next U.S. Senator from Virginia, he was a popular former governor from a critical swing state.

C. However, the person I think is the most likely to be at the top of Obama’s short list, is former Senator from South Dakota, and former Democratic Senate leader, Tom Daschle.

Daschle and Obama have become good friends over the last four years, especially after Daschle became a victim of the Rove smear machine.


Now Daschle and Obama talk regularly – the two have had a number of quiet dinners – and Daschle will soon be playing a major role on the campaign trail, serving as a mild-mannered but well-liked surrogate among party faithful.

If you look at the rhetoric that Hillary put out there, repeating over and over that she has more experience than Obama. Also, McCain has more experience than Obama, then by her own words Daschle is the best choice for Vice President.

Daschle spent 30 years on Capitol Hill as a legislative aide, House member, senator and ultimately Democratic Senate leader. Now he is providing newcomer Obama with valuable endorsements, staff, fundraising lists and brotherly advice.

“He brings an unrivaled mix of policy knowledge and political expertise,” said Steven Hildebrand, an Obama senior campaign advisor. He ought to know: a fellow South Dakotan, he ran Daschle’s last Senate campaign.

However, as I said in the beginning. It all depends on what Hillary does this weekend. But no matter what she does, I think it would be a big mistake for the Democrats chances to regain the White House, for Obama to pick Hillary as his “Number Two.”

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  1. Dear Aunaetitrakul permalink
    June 6, 2008 3:11 am

    You never know, Hill may take it if Obama wants. Anything can happen. Only time can tell.


  2. June 5, 2008 4:48 pm

    Daschle would be a great pick. Biden is needed in his present post, and Warner needs to take that Senate seat.
    Oh, and Hill has no chance.


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