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Most Americans Don’t Know of The N.A.U./SPP. (But Oppose It)

May 20, 2008

In a survey take of one million Americans, a large percentage did not know of the N.A.U./SPP. However when specific sections were explained and the a question ask the majority were against it.

The survey which was done by American Policy Center a right-wing grass roots organization, is based on ten questions that will or could happen under the NAU. The question below is a example of the questions that were asked.

3. Chapter 11 of the NAFTA agreement states that disputes over NAFTA-related issues will be heard in NAFTA courts superseding U.S. local, state and federal courts, including the Supreme Court.

Question three asked, Do you think this would be a threat to U.S. sovereignty? 91% of respondents said Yes.

According to The Council of Foreign Relation’s blueprint, “Building a North American Community”, all differences will be brought before the North American Court. Wow, looks like that is already in place.

Is This a Tinfoil Hat Moment?

I have been talking about the N.W.O. and the N.A.U./SPP, for about six years now. I have been called a wide variety of names, and told that the populous of the U.S.A., Canada, and to some extent Mexico would not stand for such a venture. Yet, here we are 2008 and the governments of these countries have done just that, while keeping it pretty much hidden from the general public.

When ask about the meeting in Montebello Canada George W. Bush said that he was amused and that it was comical that people on TV are talking about a North American Union, (He is referring to Lou Dobbs.) Bush also poked fun at the idea of a Super Highway going from Mexico to Canada, yet we have learned that the NAFTA Super Highway has restarted after a brief stoppage. Also the Terminal that is under construction in Kansas City, is nearing completion. Yesterday it was announced that the same Spanish company that is in charge of the NAFTA Super Highway, (Abertis Infraestructuras SA) won the bid to lease and maintain the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Another proposal being looked into is, for the same company to turn I-80 in to a toll road and lease it from Pa.

I have been told that because I am worried about the NAU/SPP, NAFTA Super Highway, and other N.W.O. projects, that I fear the future. However it is not that I fear it, I hope to be prepared for it, and want those I know and like to be ready also. I also feel that a lot of the things that bloggers have put out there have at least made the ones with the power rethink their actions. If not stopping them, at least making them take another look at the way they are going about it. More over slowing them down, and giving us more time to counter act their moves.

So the next time someone tells you to put on your “Tinfoil Hat”, reach down and put it on with pride. Pointing out that while this administration has been in power we have been right at least 95% of the time.


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