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The Terrifying Sounds of Election Season

April 20, 2008


You can tell when the Neo-Cons are revving up the for the election cycle, it gets louder than a NASCAR track after you here the words, “Gentlemen start your engines.” Only the loud sounds you hear are not the sounds of 750 horsepower engines instead it is that of fear mongering.

The Washington Post printed an article last Wednesday on the latest Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs meeting. The subject was a nuclear explosion in and around Washington D.C. area. The meeting covered the fact that the possibility of a strike of this type is at the greatest risk in the past five years. This is the third gathering of the committee in the last three months.

The panel is head by non-other than Sen. Joe Lieberman. John McCain’s Good friend and possible choice for Vice President. So it only makes sense that he head up the fear mongering.

“The scenarios we discuss today are so hard for us to contemplate and so emotionally traumatic that it is tempting to push them aside,” said Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.), the panel’s chairman. “However, now is the time to have this difficult conversation, to ask the tough questions, then to get answers.”

If you are on the Neo-Con half of this equation, it is the perfect time to hold these meetings and make sure the findings, (no matter how stretched they are) put out there for the public to stew over. Is it possible that this threat does exist? Yes, and a good chance. The question that should be asked is, Why is it now, always in the lead up to an election. The answer is obvious. The Democrats are not thought of as being “tuff” on the defense of this country, or at least that is the impression that the Neo-Cons have left in the countries eyes.

The committee had a professor Cham E. Dallas, director of the Institute for Health Management and Mass Destruction Defense at the University of Georgia prepare a study on the effects of different size nuclear explosions.

At the committee’s request, Dallas prepared a report on the effects of a small nuclear device exploding near the White House. A 1-kiloton device, which could fit into a suitcase, could kill about 25,000 people, he said. A 10-kiloton explosive, which could be hidden in a van, could kill about 100,000, Dallas said.
The 10-kiloton blast would release fatal doses of radiation in the immediate area and destroy almost all buildings within a half-mile radius, he said. The intense heat would burn people for many blocks and spark fires. Windows would shatter for miles, Dallas testified, gesturing to a color-coded map that showed damage as far out as Union Station.

The rest of the study can be found at WaPO.

This, over the last election cycles has become what I like to call, “Neo-Cons who cry terrorist season.” These are the types of stories that will be feed to the media until after the November election. (if there is one).


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