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Say You Want A Revolution.(Forget about it)

April 18, 2008

Everyone I talk to feels there is a need for an uprising buy the citizenry of this country to take it back and turn it into a democracy. However, from my view it will not happen. For the most part the people are too comfortable in their skin. They also are overcome by fear to stand up against the ones that run the direction the country is headed.

The main reason I feel that nothing will be done to restore this country is; With all the actions this cabal has taken against the best interest of the people, the Masses have not yet arisen. they will find it too late and soon.

Do not overlook any actions that Bush may take from here on out, he is not a true Lame Duck. However, there is something that should scare you, (but not in the same way that the Government is doing it and that is this, That fear goes by the name of, Dick Cheney!

News Max

“Look at Dick Cheney’s recent trip through the Middle East as preparation for the U.S. attack,” the source said.
Cheney’s hastily arranged 9-day visit to the region, which began on March 16, included stops in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Turkey, and the Palestinian territories.
Tensions in the region have been rising.

As I have pointed out before, this administration along with the 109th congress has increased the powers of the Executive Branch (mostly in the area of the Vice President’s office).

But few noticed another change inserted five times in the revised text: every provision that gave powers to the president over classified documents was amended to give the identical powers to the vice president. This unprecedented increase in vice-presidential clout, though spelled out in black and white, went virtually unremarked in contemporary news accounts.

Given all the other unprecedented prerogatives that President Bush has handed his vice president, this one might seem to be just more of the same. But both the timing of the executive order and the subsequent use Mr. Cheney would make of it reveal its special importance in the games that the White House played with prewar intelligence.

The obvious juncture for Mr. Bush to bestow these new powers on his vice president, you might expect, would have been soon after 9/11, especially since the review process on the Clinton order started a month earlier and could be expedited, as so much other governmental machinery was, to meet the urgent national-security crisis. Yet the new executive order languished for another 18 months, only to be published and signed with no fanfare on March 25, 2003, a week after the invasion of Iraq began.

Since that point in the history of this administration, the power of the Executive Branch has grown through the use of Executive Orders and Directives. Also with laws passed like H.R. 418, MCA2006, MCA2007, and the Intelligence Reform Act of 2004, which weaken the powers of the Judicial Branch to oversee certain acts used by the Executive Branch, and Homeland Security, the rights of the citizenry fall into danger. (even more so than with the Patriot Act itself.)

What I fear the most is that this administration not being able to (as of yet) strike Iran is setting up that opportunity for the next.

Will Who is Put in Power Matter in “08”

Let’s look at the New Found Powers that the next “Puppet” will find at his or her fingertips. I do not see them renouncing these powers, and the control they give over the people. The one thing that could make a difference, is if they are presented with the opportunity to appoint Supreme Court Justices. However, I feel that might only really have effect on major decision, a woman’s right to choice.

In the Debates held on Wednesday, we saw that the two Democrats are not as far apart on the issues as they would like you to think. But the one thing that should worry people is that they are not far from John McCain on the “War Issue”.

Questioner: President Bush has talked about our staying in Iraq for fifty years…

McCain: Maybe a hundred. Make it one hundred. We’ve been in South Korea, we’ve been in Japan for sixty years. We’ve been in South Korea for fifty years or so. That’d be fine with me as long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed. Then it’s fine with me. I would hope it would be fine with you if we maintain a presence in a very volatile part of the world where Al Qaeda is training, recruiting, equipping and motivating people every single day.

Although she did not say that we would stay in Iraq for 100 years, Hillary fells that the U.S. should remain aggressive in the world. On page 13 of the transcript in the New York Times, a question form Pittsburgh PA. starts the Iraq issue and both candidates only half answer it. However it is the following question asked by George STEPHANOPOULOS that shows the candidates plans for that region.

MR. STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator Obama, let’s stay in the region. Iran continues to pursue a nuclear option. Those weapons, if they got them, would probably pose the greatest threat to Israel. During the Cold War, it was the United States policy to extend deterrence to our NATO allies. An attack on Great Britain would be treated as if it were an attack on the United States. Should it be U.S. policy now to treat an Iranian attack on Israel as if it were an attack on the United States?

(This is the 1st part of Obama’s response.)Well, our first step should be to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of the Iranians, and that has to be one of our top priorities. And I will make it one of our top priorities when I’m president of the United States.

(This is the last part of that same response) SENATOR OBAMA: As I’ve said before, I think it is very important that Iran understands that an attack on Israel is an attack on our strongest ally in the region, one that we — one whose security we consider paramount, and that — that would be an act of aggression that we — that I would — that I would consider an attack that is unacceptable, and the United States would take appropriate action.

George posed the same question to Hillary and I feel her answer was as Hawkish as one of John McCain’s answers.

MR. STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator Clinton, would you?

(This is the first part of the answer)SENATOR CLINTON: Well, in fact, George, I think that we should be looking to create an umbrella of deterrence that goes much further than just Israel. Of course I would make it clear to the Iranians that an attack on Israel would incur massive retaliation from the United States, but I would do the same with other countries in the region.

You know, we are at a very dangerous point with Iran. The Bush policy has failed. Iran has not been deterred. They continue to try to not only obtain the fissile material for nuclear weapons but they are intent upon and using their efforts to intimidate the region and to have their way when it comes to the support of terrorism in Lebanon and elsewhere.

(This is the last part of the response) And finally we cannot permit Iran to become a nuclear weapons power. And this administration has failed in our efforts to convince the rest of the world that that is a danger, not only to us and not just to Israel but to the region and beyond.

Therefore we have got to have this process that reaches out, beyond even who we would put under the security umbrella, to get the rest of the world on our side to try to impose the kind of sanctions and diplomatic efforts that might prevent this from occurring.

So as you can see the 3 choices that have been placed in front of us do not differ in any great amount on the military issue for the Middle East.

However, the main reason this caught my ear is, the media is not talking about the way that question was phrased. Any way you look at George worded it that Iran has Nukes. Also with the answer she gave we can see why Hillary Clinton voted for the Kyle Lieberman resolution, and Obama missed it.


Let us know what you think.

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