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Is Bill Maher a Government Apologist? (with videos)

March 30, 2008

I guess with all the news on the campaigning going on, this means little to most. However, after watching Bill Maher last night (Saturday 11:30 pm), I know its first run at 11:00 pm Friday, but I don’t have the ambition to drop everything and watch anymore. Ah yes I remember the good old days when you would wonder what was going to come out of his mouth or the guest on his panel, but now you know it is going to be something not to far off what the MSM is saying, or what hurts even more the government.

Bills first guest via-satellite was John Cusack, and during the interview John made some great observations on what the government was doing on all accounts. (Oh My God how controversial.) At one point John got applause from the crowd and Bill stepped in saying “It’s not hard to get that kind of reaction from a LA crowd.” How ever Bill “tipped his hand” when he told John, “Let me play ‘Devils Advocate’ for a moment.” You knew what Bill was saying up until then was not an act.

Bills panel this week were, Robert Kline, Robin Wright, and Tavis Smiley. It reach a point on the show, I thought that Smiley was going to punch, or at least give Bill the bitch-slapping he deserved. At the end of the show the discussion turned to what Obama’s minister had said earlier and how the MSM was running with it. It was about mid-discussion when it turned to Martian Luther King’s assassination, after Tavis Smiley commented on how Dr. King fell out of favor with the White House and then ended up shot dead, Bill says, “Just so you don’t get in trouble, the they that dis-invited him to the White House, are a little different than the they that shot him dead?” to that Smiley says, “I could debate that.” And Maher called him a “Nut”. This all takes place between 1:56 and 3:55. At 3:56 look at the expression on Smiley’s face.

So as I have said before, I feel that Maher is fear for his job, and is willing to push to the line, but not cross it. Of course most of us remember how bad Bill got after he was taken off ABC for the, “Terrorist Statement” after 9-11-2001, another thing he goes along with The White House on. (Now).

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  1. JustOrdinary permalink
    March 31, 2008 11:07 pm

    I was surprised to see what Cusack said in the video. BRAVO! TO CUSACK! I am so glad he mentioned Blackwater thugs and the fact they have been given the liscense to kill without reprieve. Great post Aba!



  1. Is Bill Maher a Government Apologist? (with videos)

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