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The Hudson Paper. (Building The North American Community Part2)

March 28, 2008

After reading the Hudson Institute’s Negotiating North America, The Security and Prosperity Partnership, I had to stop and puke. Then I went back to see what the three candidates feel about NAFTA and the SPP.

From the first sentence of the report they admit to The North America, They also discuss how George W. Bush met with Martian, and Fox, in Waco Texas, to sign the treaty for the SPP. The treaty is for the security and economic growth of The North American Continent.

It was launched in March 2005 at a summit hosted by President George W. Bush in Waco, Texas and is now in its third year of operation with a North American leaders‘ summit planned for Montebello, Quebec August 20-21, 2007.

The paper also points to the one thing that has happened of the reign of the Bush administration and the years of the republican power in the legislature. Also it is the one thing that needed to happen. “Removing the Checks and Balances between the executive and legislative branches.”

This paper traces that evolution, and considers the impact of two related efforts launched by the leaders at these summits and given official sanction: the North American Competitiveness Council and the Future of North America 2025 project.

On page 31 there is a paragraph entitled “USA 2008” in which they give the Bush administration accolades for its great involvement in the North American Union.

The checks and balances of the U.S. system, and the competition for power among branches of government (and within the executive and legislative branches as well) are a major consideration for presidents hoping to negotiate economic and security agreements with allies.

The rotation of hosting responsibilities will give President Bush the chance to host, and shape, the next North American leaders‘ summit in 2008. Bush deserves greater credit for his 2004 recognition of the need for a dialogue to foster cooperation with Canada and Mexico on economic and security issues of common concern in North America. Despite a full agenda, Bush and his administration have invested time and effort in the SPP that has been significant. The president‘s second-term legacy could still include progress in North American relations, and to achieve this Bush could claim partial success for any progress made toward the NACC‘s more focused priority items and then restructure the SPP to soften the approach to asymmetry, include Congress, and better engage business while providing greater transparency so that non-rejectionist NGOs can act as responsible watchdogs to the negotiations.

The next paragraph (p.32) discuses what will happen if the next elected person backs off the negotiations. They tell how the leadership of the United States is critical in the continuation of the SPP/NAU.

Trilateral negotiations may continue, or the United States may choose parallel bilateral discussions with each partner. It is also possible that North America will be a declining priority for the United States as other issues take precedence for the new U.S. administration. This last option would be unfortunate, because the U.S. national interests that drew the Bush administration to pursue the SPP will remain at risk without greater cooperation between the United States and its neighbors.

This leads me to believe, there is to much time and effort in the North American Union to just let it end here. So as you read through this report they have given up on selling this as the SPP. We as a country are running into a hole in which there is no getting out of. I feel in what I have read and seen, that they will let the downfall of the economy ride until we are in no position to refuse offers that they present us with.

As I see it we are in no position at this time to allow this to held up as a conspiracy theory any longer. The evidence must be presented to the masses, and the puppets that are put fourth need to be made to talk about it.


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  1. November 15, 2008 8:01 am

    You can learn all about this on my website, and of Daneen Peterson website Stop the North American Union.


  2. Sully permalink
    May 27, 2008 6:26 pm

    I have read some of this stuff and at some point I made the decision that the “talk” was useless except to gather information as to what to do. So, I encourage all of you to seek out the information that feeds your questions and need to feel good about this country. You should feel good to know that there is more you can do about this than you realize and you should feel confident in knowing that if you were born in this country you have unalienable rights that no government can take away. I suggest we all start looking at this country and its governement as being separated and misaligned. We need to first align ourselves, then our families, then our communities, then our towns, then our regions, then our states, then we stop and take a breath. At that time we can be a positive example to other states and we can help them mature to the status our forefathers had planned and fought for.


  3. March 29, 2008 11:10 pm

    you posted, “I feel in what I have read and seen, that they will let the downfall of the economy ride until we are in no position to refuse offers that they present us with.”

    That is exactly what I think Aba!!!! May God have mercy on us…


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