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Obama Is He What He Seems

March 2, 2008

Obama vs Ford
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Lately I feel like the odd-man out, because I cannot get exited about Obama like the rest of the country. It’s hard to back someone that underneath the surface is in the same club as the rest of the candidates, (CFR). I feel that we will see that he is not the savior. Earlier I had expressed that I could not vote for Hillary Clinton because of her connections with The Bildeburgers and Council on Foreign Relations. But, those are not the only reasons that I hold against her. There is the whole not apologizing for the vote authorizing Bush to use force against Iraq, NAFTA, and the way she tried to get the Healthcare page through in 1993, and the list goes on.

Here we are 2 days away from the day that would give Hillary cause to step down (if she really wants what is best for the party), and let Obama take the victory. But what do we find out? A spokes person for Barack Obama “allegedly” made a phone call to the Canadian government warning them that Obama will talk about “The North American Trade Agreement” calling for an end to It. However, would not mean any of what was said. It would all be political rhetoric.Story

So what else has been political rhetoric? The fact that until he was pushed by Hillary, he would not reject the endorsement by Louis Farrakhan. I guess you could say that was nit-picky on my part, but it was also on his when he said he denounced Farrakhan’s endorsement. It also was nit-picky the way he handled the house deal with the shady Mr. Rezko. The people are so ready to bring the country back around they are starting to overlook, or make excuses for any Obama faults, or wrong doings. That is exactly what was done for the Bush administration by the Republicans, is that what we want for at least four more years.

So what is the answer?

The thing that could be done but most likely won’t, is to vote for a Third Party candidate. There are a few out there Cynthia Mckinney comes to mind.
Then of course there is <a href=<Ralph Nader, he has proven himself a champion for the common man. The down fall some feel that Nader is working for the right wing, by taking votes. However, it is like Nader himself said, “He will not be taking votes form the Democrats, if they lose it will not be because of him.” This is theirs to lose, not the Republicans to win.

I was just wondering if anyone out there remembers Harold Ford Jr.? He was the young well spoken, good looking African American that lost his Tennessee Senate seat when his opponent, Bob Corker Swift Boated him with this ad.

The reason I bring this up, is it was said that the DNC had hopes of running Harold Ford Jr. for the White House in 2008. That is until he lost. I did a look at Ford and Obama’s pictures and they look an awful lot a like. Is it Obama fit the Profile that the DNC was looking for in their first serious Black candidate?

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