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The Second Fateful Day in The New Century. (and video)

February 12, 2008

The second fateful day in the new century was 10-21-01, the day the original Patriot Act was signed by George W. Bush. Under a cloak of fear, and terror, the administration told the legislature not read it, just to vote in favor of it.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why is this of importance now?” For now and as long as this document remains in existence it will remain vitally important. Now that we find ourselves in yet another election cycle, and not one of the front runners have said they will do away with The Patriot Act, although Hilary and Obama have said, it will need to be revised. This is a major reason this is important to keep an eye on. The Patriot act does not need revised, it needs removed, so that those who wish to be placed in the puppet seat cannot hide behind It, as Bush has done.

As we look back at the history of this administration, we will find that the reasons given for the questionable moves made by the Bush administration are said to be, legal under The Patriot Act. Alberto Gonzales used this reasoning every time that he was ask about the administration’s actions during most Congressional hearings, and especially during the FISA hearings.

I am always being asked, to name one freedom or right I have lost because of The Patriot Act, or name one person I know that has been affected by It. Such broad questions are more or less considered silencing questions, used when the person knows nothing of the subject. Below is a section that can and will affect any one who writes for a living.

Under Section 102 of The Patriot Act, the gathering of news and information is against the law. This along with other laws, Executive Orders, and Presidential Directives, put the knowledge of what is happening in danger of being lost to time. The history of this administration cannot be written about. These laws have put the New-Age Reporter (The Political Blogger) in peril of arrest.

If you read The Patriot Act, you will see that it is designed to protect the Executive Branch of the government above all others. Along with other laws that were put into place under 109th congress, the rights afforded us under The Constitution have been dangerously weakened. Also The Patriot Act, and sections of certain laws like H.R.418, and the Military Commission Acts, weaken the powers of the judicial branch.

Now if we look at Presidential Directive 51 which literally hands over absolute power to the Executive Branch in case of national emergency, by placing the presidents power over the Supreme Courts. Now factor in that Bush has written into “The Military Commission Act of 2006”, that he and the members of the Executive Branch cannot be tried on any war crimes retroactive to September 11, 2001. You have to ask yourself, “What has this administration done that would worry them so much that they would do all of this, and “Is this admission of guilt?

More after the video

There is an argument out there, that this is an unconstitutional move and would not hold up in court. However, would this work under The Patriot Act, where the special court would here the cases. As I pointed out above this administration has had its ass pulled from the fire many times by sighting The Patriot Act.

Please keep in mind, If a candidate is a member of the Council of Foriegn Relations, they are not working for your best interests.


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