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There is a Dangerous Bug Going Around, and it’s Called Partisanitis

January 22, 2008

It seems that an outbreak of Partisanitis is beginning to take hold in this country. It happens around every two to four years. However, this year it seems to be at its worst. It takes the mind of otherwise sensible people and turns it into something deformed.

With this country in a downward spiral, the majority of the people I speak with are willing to vote for any of the frontrunners without an (R) next to their name. This has caused temporary political blindness, and deafness to reasoning.

In 2006, we saw this form of Partisanitis when the country made a sharp shift to left with the hope of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan coming home. They were promised it would begin after the Democrats gained control of the Congress. Yet, even with the added surprise of the democrats controlling both Houses, we have failed to see any steps in the direction of a pullout. However what we have seen, is the democrats kowtowing to Bush’s demands on the military spending bills, even to the point of giving him more money than he ask for.

Partisanitis can cause one to have split personalities, with one of the personalities being a parrot. The person begins repeating, the partisan lines spouted by their party, with out question.

Another of the personalities is that of the home team sports fan. Their team must win at any cost. These types are so wrapped up in the rhetoric; they will ignor, or chose to remain ignorent to what might be better for the country as a whole, just to be on the winning team.

The left seems to think that two things are a given.

1. The Democratic nomination will win the Presidency.

2. That with a Democrat in office, things will automatically return to the way they were before Bush.

Although some of the things would be nice, I seriously doubt that would ever happen. The people that control the goings on in Washington D.C., have worked too hard for too long to let the power that they have arranged to be given to the Executive Branch be rescinded. Partisanitis will allow the same policies to go on, and the final goal to be achieved, a “New World Order.”

So if you feel that it is your patriotic duty to vote, check out Denis Kucinich, Ron Paul, or Cynthia McKinney. We have to protect our selves from the Partisanitis Bug, and this is accomplished by educating our selves and others. Point out that all the Mainstream candidates are CFR members, and receive support from IPAC. Take the time to learn what these so-called think tanks like PNAC, and The Committee for a Strong Europe, stand for. Only we can save the country by ripping the “Power” from the hands of the corporations, and putting “It” back in the hands of the people.


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