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What the Media “ISN’T” saying about The North American Union

January 11, 2008

The Little that is being said about the upcoming SPP/NAU is that it will help the economy of all three countries by allowing goods to be moved swiftly because the borders between the countries will be open. However the question needs to be ask, How does it help our economy and job production when China has already set up ports in Mexico for the transportation of the merchandise.

Mexican workers undercut Longshoremen Union port employees on the docks of Los Angeles and Long Beach, just as Mexican truck drivers undercut the Teamsters and Mexican railroad workers undercut United Transportation Union railroad workers.

By using the Mexican ports, the international corporations managing this global trade are able to avoid the U.S. labor union workers who otherwise would unload the ships in west coast ports and transport the Asian containers into the heart of America by U.S. truckers or U.S. railroad ground transport moving east across the Rocky Mountains.

The cost to the corporation will be cut dramatically by using all Mexican labor from pickup to delivery.

Another thing that the media is not telling you is that the United States is paying the most to widen the Panama cannel, and China is buying up the land on both sides. While in Kansa City Missouri, a super Smart Port (terminal) is being opened under Mexican labor laws, not those of the United States. It will handle all truck, train, and air traffic to the United States. Kansas City is the only U.S. city the Mexican government has agreed to negotiate with for a customs operation on U.S. soil.

It seems a little to convenient that Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio was shut down in 2001, and reopened as KellyUSA , a business park and intermodal cargo hub aimed at moving freight south of the border by truck, rail and air.

The media is not telling you of the way the government is taking the land it wants from the people along the NAFTA Super Highway. A friend that had this done with his property told me how they got his land, What is done is money is put into an account for the land they want, and take the land and it is up to the owner to fight if the price is not what they want. And it never is.

I have been told by people that this will not happen, even though it is taking place right now. It is time for the people to realize, this is happening, and it is not in the people’s best interest.


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