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Watching The North American Union, and You Should Too.

January 2, 2008

I was bouncing around the internet, searching for new information on the SPP/North American Union when I came across this article from June 18 2007. Although it is not that new I agree with the some of the things pointed out by Professor Daneen Peterson. The Professor studies North American Union issues.

The one thing that the professor points out is the Council on Foreign Relations, (CFR), is one of the main players in the Shadow Government, and SPP/The North American Union. I pointed out in earlier blogs, the meetings and the documentation that came out of those meetings. In March of 2005, they came out with, “Building The North American Community”.

Although I have found that there are a lot of folks out there that don’t believe that the SPP/NAU is taking place, or they just don’t know or even care. I noticed that at least the Canadian press is talking about it, which is more than I can say for the U.S. media. I was reading an article by, Charles Jeanes of The Canadian that shows there is true outrage north of the border. Yet he admits that it may all be for not, as Canada sinks deeper into the pocket of the U.S. There are a few Canadians that I have spoken with that feel if the U.S. and Canada join as one it will be a great day for Canada, they think that one economy, one military and one currency will be a good thing. I would strongly disagree with them on that. For one, it is a package deal; Mexico comes along for the ride.

Charles Jeanes, feels that the Canadians who favor The North American Union/SPP/Mex-Amer-Can, are uneducated in the matters of this endeavor.

Canadian proponents of the Am-Can-Mex Union scheme are not bad people, but they have weak concepts of Canadianism. They are, in one word, unenlightened — whether one means “enlightened” in its sense of educated and insightful, or in its spiritual sense of uplifted and un-self-centred. Yet their secular leadership is not without effect in our national politics, economics, schools, and media.

One of the most frustrating things I have run into when talking about the NAU/SPP is most people are under the impression that the North American Union is not in the process of being implemented. Even some of the people I talk with from the print media don’t know just how far along it is. Of course seeing that the CFR controls a lot of what we see, hear, and read, it really should not be that big of a shock.

One problem with getting the news of what is happening without the consent of the people, is reference sites such as Wikipedia are calling the NAU a conspiracy theory, even when the documents are out there to prove that The NAU is moving forward. Another problem is that they are separating the SPP form the NAU, when they are actually one in the same. What this does is allow them to argue that the SPP is was setup to make trading easier on the continent, and argue that anyone talking about the NAU is a conspiracy theorist.

We have to let it be known that the North American Union is anything but a conspiracy theory. For the most part what my grandmother use to tell me rings true here. “If you tell people something they fear, they will either attack you, or ignore the message, out of ignorance.” Grandma was right.


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  1. dave permalink
    January 5, 2008 2:51 am

    hi i am glad to see more about this. did you know that prescott bush try to overule the u.s. goverment and wanted a dictatorship in 1932 ? wow the courts sure did put a guy in that would make his grandfather proud! well we need to get him and DICK out asap. i am 34 and i sure can see when democrats are in office this country seems to be in better shape.but our problem i think is that all of the elected are rich and dont really care about no one but themselves. sure they get kick back money from other groups. what i like to see is a middle class guy that is a hard worker that has been in debt that knows what it takes to live in the once best country in the world and what a dollar is,not the amero dollar either. we need to get american people out of debt,stop helping other countries ,not depend on banks ,take care of our own and most of all keep GODS name in our goverment,schools and in our homes.GOD BLESS AMERICA


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