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Bush and Chenney Cannot be above the Law! Can They?

December 13, 2007

The Water-boarding scandal has been proven to go all the way to the White House, and is against the law. Will this get the democrats off their ass and take this (P)resident and Vice (P)resident out of power. I doubt it.

For all of those who say the reason the democrats will not push for impeachment is that they don’t think that they have enough evidence, and it would be a waste of time here’s some news for you. This act by the Bush administration is far worse than the: Clinton Blow Job and the Watergate scandals together. Now you add all of the other things on top of this and you could put the knowing members of this administration away for ever. However we know that it won’t happen. In fact, this along with all the other criminal acts achieved by this group will soon take backseat to another scandal yet to surface.

Is it Time for Directive 51 to Save Their Asses?

That is the question Dick and the Blood Soaked Chimp have to be asking right now. Do they declare a National Emergency and takeover complete power? Directive 51 allows them to do just that. If that should happen, would they get away with it? They might. The congress and the senate had a chance to act on the law put in place by the Executive branch, and chose not too. The people might not stand for it, in fact they probably would sit right down in front of their television sets and watch it unfold.

I have been saying for along time, “The only thing keeping these two out of jail is, they are in office.” In July Bush signed an Executive Order that allows protesters, and people who speak out against the war in Iraq and the Administration to be jailed. So hypothetically speaking let’s say I was to say, Now is the time to rise up and take back the government, well I could be jailed. So I don’t want to say that.

We as Americans have no one but ourselves to blame for the power this administration has given its self. As we marched, and gathered to speak our minds to like thinkers, they laughed because we were no threat to them. As I write this, I know most who will read it feel the way I do, thus I accomplish nothing. It is our apathy that has allowed this to get this far out of hand. In 2006 we rushed out and voted to place the democrats in power because they said they would make the changes we want. However, they did not. Now we are faced with that decision once again, and we are looking to the same people who broke our trust to lead out of here, and it will not happen. Instead they will follow the same path, only pointing out different signs.

Those who have marched, protested, and written for justice, freedom, and peace before us, surely are saddened by our fail attempts.


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  1. December 14, 2007 11:07 pm

    Such a great post here Aba. It is a sad day in America indeed. The democrats aren’t going to save our asses- and the American people aren’t going to save our asses- they will sit in front of the TV like you posted and watch it unfold and do NOTHING…those who DO decide to do something will be taken away and never heard from again.

    This is what I see coming in our very near future.

    Keep up the good work here at WordPress!


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