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Back Wash and Spin. Iran.

December 7, 2007

The report that came out the other day from the IAEA telling that Iran had no secret weapons program has already been spun by the Bush administration. Yesterday’s press conference found Bush taking credit for Iran shutting down its program. Which the IAEA said, there was no evidence of.

Traces of weapons grade uranium that was found came from contaminated Pakistani equipment, according to the report. However Bush says that there are ways that Iran could be making weapons. This administration will not give up until they find, or invent a reason to attack Iran.

As soon as the IAEA Report came out “Administration Sympathizers” hit the chat rooms and began spreading that the report said, Iran discontinued a weapons program. By spreading this around, they can say that Iran was lying all along about not having a weapons program.

Bob Cesca pretty much hit it right on the head in his diary over at “The Huffington Post”, entitled President Bush Was Lying, Is Lying, And Will Lie About Iranian Nukes.

But now it appears as if having the knowledge to be able to build a nuclear bomb is enough to let slip the neocon jagoffs of war — whether or not a nuclear weapon is actually being constructed. President Bush during Tuesday’s press conference:

“Look, Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.”

This administrations mind set now is, if they gain the knowledge bomb them. It follows along the line of H.R. 1955, of thought crimes. George W. Bush since being placed in to the puppet seat has over reached the powers that were set for the executive office. And with thirteen months left gives the impression that he will do just about anything he wants. Even sadder it looks as if this Congress will let him, as not to rock the boat.

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