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NAU Coming Through!

December 4, 2007

Well here I am writing on the NAU again, this time it for all of those that think it is a conspiracy theory and will never happen. You know who you are. The people that say that the people of these United States would fight to the death rather than have this happen. Just like they wouldn’t let their rights be taken away by the Patriot Act, and yes it has happen to which they can only say, “what rights have we lost, or name one person you know that it has affected.” You know the ones.

Today as I was thinking about what the loss of the referendums in Venezuela mean in the schema of the NAU. And it is very important because, Vicente Fox former President of Mexico while on the Daily Show 3 months ago, was ask about the North American Union/SPP and he said, that the thing holding it up was Hugo Chavez. As it stands right now that problem has been taken care of.

I came across a very interesting site on the actions that the legislative branch has been taking on this so-called conspiracy. The Emerging NAU. Below are some of the things that are happening right now that the North American Union has become a reality.

– commissions, task forces, and working groups — that bypass elected representatives and public interests — are “harmonizing” or “integrating” national policies of countries (similar decision-making is also operating at local and state levels);
– eminent domain (power to seize private property without owner consent) is increasingly employed to remove barriers to (regional/global) free trade plans.
— like private property located on hundreds of thousands of acres of land on international corridor (NAFTA superhighway) routes that will run through many states; or private property located in cities/counties selected for international trade hub/port development (unbeknown to the public-at-large);

You don’t believe this is happening, ask anyone living in the Texas Corridor and right on up through the rest of the National Corridor. Ask the truck drivers that now share the interstate highways with Mexican drivers. Mexican drivers who are not held to the same safety standards that U.S. drivers are. If it is not happening, why did Senator Katherine Harris introduce a bill that calls for the United States to send Military to the southern border of Mexico to protect that border, instead of the border shared by the U.S and Mexico?

So now that you can see the way it is going, and that Democrats and Republicans, are in together. We still can try to stop it by contacting our legislators and telling them to pull the U.S. out of the SPP/ NAU.


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