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Just #1 Reason Not to Vote Hillary

December 2, 2007

The controversial Healthcare plan proposed by the Hillary Clinton Campaign is a good reason not to vote for her. Within this plan, a lot of what she stands for comes out. When you look at her plan it is not by any means a social health plan, but shows more of a Fascist type plan.

The plan will make sure that you have healthcare, even if you can’t afford it. Not by helping low-income families, but by mandating all citizens have it. You will not be able to get employment if you do not have healthcare, you will not be able to get a drivers license, and you could lose your children for neglect. We have seen this take place in the State of Maryland over the rights of parents to withhold vaccinations from their own children over health concerns.

It is now coming out that if she is elected and the plan is put into place, a workers wages will be garnished if they don’t have the required healthcare. This was brought out by the Obama camp, when he attacked her plan. Most all of the Democratic candidates are proposing similar plans, but with a few minor differences.

On a conference call with reporters to discuss the ad, Clinton policy chief Neera Tanden said the senator would “look at” working with employers to “automatically enroll employees, going through and withholding part of their salaries to pay for it – those are reasonable steps to enforce a mandate.”

The one thing you have to look at is this plan takes money away from the worker who might not have healthcare because he or she is barely able too feed their family on what they are making, and puts it in to the pockets of the healthcare providers.

When Clinton rolled out her plan earlier this year, Tanden hinted that the mandate might be enforced by threatening to deny tax deductions to people who refused to enroll for insurance.

If this plan is so great way wont she put the complete plan on her site? She does put a summary up, but not the whole wording of the plan.

After watching the Democratic debates, it is obvious that there is not much difference between any of the candidate’s platforms. They all say that leaving Iraq is not going to happen until further down the road. They will not be changing much of what the present administration has done in the way of feeding more power to the Executive Branch, and taken power from the Judicial and Legislative branches.

When you look at the Clinton plan, you can see that she does not move from the things we see in this administration. In my opinion, we will see an even greater power grab, and removal of rights by the next person place into power. This is a “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, problem.


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