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It is Getting Out of Hand. Forced Vaccinations.

November 19, 2007

After finding out that children that have gotten vaccines are at risk of getting Autism. A couple of weeks ago, warnings were put out those children that have gotten vaccinated need to be checked for autism. We have known for along time that the things that this government has been doing to people with medication and vaccines, they are now forcing parents in Maryland to get their children vaccinated or go to jail.

Oped News

“State Attorney General Glenn F. Ivey has announced he is willing to criminalize parents if they don’t bring them to the courthouse to have them injected, on the spot, with vaccines that contain methyl mercury — a highly toxic nerve chemical that causes brain damage and is linked to autism. The action is backed by Circuit Judge William D. Missouri, Circuit Judge C. Philip Nichols Jr., and the chairman of the Prince George school board, R. Owen Johnson Jr.

Also in that article a great observation is made, that the Government and the Judges are conspiring to turn this nation into a medical “Police State”.

Together, these judges and officials have conspired to turn Maryland into a medical police state, invoking the threat of imprisonment in order to achieve a vaccination goal that has more to do with politics than children’s actual health or safety.”

Children have become targets of opportunity for the State, and every day more parents withdraw their children from government schools, determined to home school. But how to do that? If your children are at risk in the government school new your house what can you do to protect them?

Now as for the parents in Maryland the parents should get together and fight the judges order, because the State Attorney says that there is no law making it mandatory to get you child vaccinated.

Prison Planet

A state prosecutor involved in bringing potential criminal charges against hundreds of parents in a county just outside Washington D.C. for failing to allow their children to be vaccinated admitted yesterday on a national radio show that there is no law that mandates any vaccine, despite a Fox News report falsely claiming otherwise.

This is not just contained to Maryland, if you are not informed the school systems in many states will tell you that you have to have a child vaccinated before he or she can enter school. However, a person who I know fought the system here in PA, and won. Of course, they threatened her and the such, but in the end her child did not have to be injected with God knows what.

We have to stand up to the government and let them know that we will decide what we feel is good, and necessary for our children. It is awful suspicious that they want to force this on the kids now and at this particular point in time. It was not that important to them before.


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