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Well, The T.V. Would have Told Me!

October 28, 2007

It seems that I have been writing to the blind, and preaching to the deaf on the subject of the coming of the North American Union. I have written over at the Daily Kos, and other blogs that I have put out. I am not the only person talking about the NAU, there are many. However since we are basically limited to the internet, it is easy for subject to be held silent. Now it is all but too late to voice an outcry against it. The NAU is being sold as a way to protect the borders, and build the economy of the three nations involved, the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Most of the people that I have spoken to, feel that there is nothing wrong with that. They think that the each country will maintain it‘s sovereignty. And they would be wrong.

It was 3 years ago I began telling of the Meetings between Bush, Foxx, and Martin. Only be told by most that I was crazy, and that the people would not stand for it. That if anyone tried to convert the three countries into one nation blood would flow in the streets. Yet here we are. Less than 12 months away from the onset of the plan.

The Canadians Know
Intergrate This

In August, the SPP met in Ottawa and security was incredibly tight reporters could not get within a 30 mile radius of the place. I found a Canadian site that is up on the S.P.P., and they show that the Canadians are know more about the North American Union than the United States citizenry.

From August 20-21, 2007, Stephen Harper welcomed his American idol George W. Bush and Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon to Montebello, Quebec to review the progress of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

The SPP – which is being implemented without any public or parliamentary scrutiny – is about eliminating Canada’s ability to set its own independent regulatory standards, environmental protection measures, energy security, foreign, military, immigration and a frighteningly wide range of other policies.

The Council of Canadians was on the ground, both in Ottawa and Montebello, as the leaders met. We brought hundreds of people together at a public forum on Sunday evening, packing an auditorium at the University of Ottawa. Maude Barlow, along with civil society representatives from the U.S. and Mexico, condemned the SPP and promoted a vision of a more just and sustainable North America.

The Canadians are actually trying to stop the SPP/NAU, while the people in the states sit back and do nothing. I had one person tell me when I brought this up to, “Just sit back and enjoy life, because the whole shooting match is about to start.”

Hourglass What?

I spoke of the “Hourglass Economy” and of what and how in would be implemented. I told of how by opening the borders and allowing the heavy influx of illegal immigrants to cross the border for work and drive down the price of labor, was only the first step. Then by allowing the outsourcing of work, and bringing in people from other counties to work the high-end jobs for less money than the average American would do it for would kill the middleclass. However, to complete the plan for an Hourglass Economy, the present economy would have to be collapsed, (Which is going on right now), allowing the currencies to be combined as one. The Amero.(Which has already been printed and coined.)

The plan that is being played out, has been in the works for better than sixty years. The NAU is a smaller part of the bigger plan. Many Presidents have spoken of this plan in their speeches, even those looked at as peaceful, Jimmy Carter spoke of it, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, L.B.J., and F.D.R. all made mention of the greater plan, “The New World Order”. The sad thing is that any time it is brought up by people like myself; it is discredited as a Conspiracy, or fiction. We are told that something this big could not be kept a secret. To tell the truth it is not really a secret, it is happening in front of our face. However, the average Joe is so wrapped up in keeping himself and his family happy, (or alive) that he does not have time to keep up with all the details. Let alone put the pieces together. It’s all part of the plan. The average person will not believe what you tell them unless they have seen it on television. What makes that statement even sadder is that they don’t know they are being manipulated.

The NAU will eliminate even more the Bill of Rights and our sovereignty as a nation. When George W. Bush stated the Constitution was “Just a God Damn Piece of Paper.” he was not kidding. Because in this group of people’s eyes, that is just what it is. The Constitution is just a stumbling block in their path, but not much of one.

A great movie to watch that brings the last 7 years to light is The Zeitgeist Movie The movie is just short of 2 hours. So for my American Brethren that won’t watch a movie on “The Television” because it is to long, you can find it on Youtube broken into parts, and the part that covers this is Part 3.


This is part 13 of 16, and can be found over at Youtube.

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  1. October 29, 2007 1:32 pm

    Now see, that’s two posts eaten up.


  2. justordinary permalink
    October 28, 2007 7:57 pm

    Aba don’t be hard on yourself. It may feel as if what you’ve said has fallen on deaf ears but I am sure somewhere out there it has affected someone and has spread due to you putting it out there.

    Look at me and all the talking I did about Blackwater long before anyone started reporting them on news…people said the same thing to me about being crazy etc. You can’t let that stop you from putting information out. It is imperative that people like you and I and many others continue this fight on the internet and in our local communities to educate people. Even if it is only one out of 100- it is better than none.

    Keep up the good work Aba- another fine post here!


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