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7 Months until the Real ID Act Goes into Affect, and Nothing is Being Said

October 27, 2007

It has been awhile since I have written on the National ID, mainly because the regulations were up in the air, and because I have been working on the other issues that will effect us in the near future. However, I now will keep up to date on this issue because it approaches fast.

Starting in May of 2008, we will be required according to HR 418 passed by the 109th Congress to carry a National ID, or the other name it is known under The National Drivers License. Which at this moment poses a problem for the states that are protesting the ID for one reason or another. Without the ID you will not be able cross state lines, board an airplane, or enter a federal building. Also a person will no be able to do banking, or apply or receive Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, or any other government funded programs.

Here is the Homeland Security question and answer page on the National Driver License. Q&A

There is a document put out by DHS, which has the rules and regulations on the requirements of the National ID.

The biggest reason the states are going against the ID is that it is an unfunded mandate as has been so many of the mandates issued by this administration. Below is a section from the report that had been put together by concerned groups on the impact The Real ID Act will have.

The Real Nightmare

The Start Up Cost

Real ID will cost more than $11 billion to implement. One time upfront costs approach $1 billion, while ongoing costs total more than $10.1 billion over the first five year period.

The report shows that The Act, is unrealistic as put forth by DHS, not only in cost, but in the time to implicate it, and without federal funding. However, I feel that this report has fallen on deaf ears, as seen by the new Passport system in place. I have been told by a reliable source that if your state does not use the National ID, you should keep a valid Passport with you while traveling. (Even in the states.)


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  1. October 29, 2007 1:14 pm

    Oct. 23rd New York Senate votes to overturn the New York Gov. Plan for the new drivers licenses because they also wouldbe available to “illegal immigrants” as long as they had a Mexican Passport!

    This is just one of 4 states to be adopting the “new drivers licenses” (aka Real ID or National ID).

    An article I read says they can be used as a passport between Canada, Mexico, and the US and that they will have RFID Chips.

    But according to this article above, there were many protesting outside the courthouse and the Senate that were calling for impeaching the Gov. for trying to do this.


  2. justordinary permalink
    October 28, 2007 7:54 pm

    I think it is far too late for the American people…

    God help us with what is coming in the near future


  3. opit permalink
    October 27, 2007 6:11 am

    Police State control. Unless communism is corporate these days, you can leave that word on the Ark. It’s dead.


  4. baddkitty permalink
    October 27, 2007 2:49 am

    Are Americans so spoiled and ignorant that they can unconsciously allow something like this to happen? Are they so willingly to passively give up there Civil Liberties. Thank you for writing about this issue, It’s a bigger issue than people realize. It’s just another tactic by this administration to establish communistic control.


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