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Bush Administration Sensors Scientific Testimony on the Health effects of the California Fires

October 25, 2007

Today we find out that the Big Brother Bush Administration was hard at work. It was just like a scene out of Orwell‘s “1984”. I can see Winston Smith sitting in his cubical crossing out the parts of the report that Big Brother Bush doesn’t want the people to know. And when he is done dictating the administration’s version, dropping the original into the incinerator.

A while back I wrote a diary over at Daily Kos, on the fact that the administration actually has a department that rewrites the Iraq war as it happens. They claim it is to protect top-secret events that happen. To me it seems that they were paying attention to the beginning of “1984”.

According to a story, the administration is at it again, rewriting things that need to be put out there to warn the public about the health risk that will occur from the fires.

“We generally don’t speculate and comment on anything until it is the final product,” said OMB spokesman Sean Kevelighan. He added that OMB reviews take into consideration “whether they … line up well with the national priorities of the administration.”

But Gerberding, who could not be reached late Tuesday for comment, was said to have been surprised by the extensive changes. Copies of the original testimony already had been sent to a number of associated health groups representing states, county and city health agencies that the CDC routinely coordinates with, a CDC official said.

Here again this would not be the first time the administration changed things that were aimed at helping the public, into reports that just mirrored the Bush administrations falsehoods. Last year when the Government Report on Global Warming came out, two of the scientist that worked on the report came forward and said that they were pressured by the Bush administration to change and delete parts of the report that showed the administration to be wrong on their position.


Fox Noise, who is known to follow the White House lead, has gone as far as to dig up a article from the Arizona Republic news paper that told of plots by Al Qaeda to start massive fires in many states, none of which were California.(4 years old.) They also said, that it was an on going investigation. The truth is, it is not on going, and the reporter that wrote the piece is not even working at the paper. Also it was a FBI memo from four years ago.

The only thing that is being shown is that the administration is trying to hide all links that would even come close to showing that there might be a connection to mans misuse of the planet.

One thing I know, most who read the last paragraph will call me nuts, and discredit anything that might be in the rest of the article. If there is one thing I have found, it is that man will blame all his faults on others even if that other happens to be the God they worship.


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  1. justordinary permalink
    October 26, 2007 12:46 am

    Nothing amazes me anymore Aba with these nutcases…

    Great post here! Keep up the good work!



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