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Watching What is Coming, and What Is Here.

October 16, 2007

Recently I ran a poll over at another site and it turns out that out of the 75 people that participated in the poll, 45 feel that the North American Union is just fiction. 38 believed that it is fact, three had never heard of it, and four were undecided. This was by no means scientific. Although it is sad.

I could have went on I guess, and ask those who knew of the SPP/North American Union, where they had heard of it. I would almost bet, it was not the mainstream media, and if it was, it was Lou Dobbs. There are very few bringing it to the surface. I have noticed the ones who are fall under the category of what I have been calling the “True Conservatives.”

A True Conservative is a person that believes in a Representative democracy with little interference from the government, and the least amount of spending as possible. What is and has been running rough shot over this country for a while now are the Neo-Cons. An ideology of never ending conflict so that power can be maintained, at any cost monetary, or human. In addition, the Neo-Con Ideology is one of Fascism, the combining of corporate and government; too rule for the betterment of the corporation. A goal seen with the Supreme Court vote: Bush-Vs-Gore, giving the 2000 election to George W. Bush and continued, with the manipulation of the Ohio vote in the 2004 election.

There is an agenda that involves strict control in order to push forward the world conquest ideology. It is believed by the council of the SPP/North American Union that not only will it help in the continents strive to be the leader in the Global Economy, it will also create a larger military, and will never be put in the position that the United States finds itself in today. Incase you are wondering what that is, Broken.

There are many reasons the Neo-Cons favor a North American Union, and not many of them are you!

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