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One Day and Change VS-08 (Vigilant Sheild-08)

October 14, 2007

This is the last in a series of diaries I have written on Vigilant Sheild-08 over the last 30 days Just a Reminder…, and, War Lovers…, but you will find it mentioned in a few other diaries as it is all starting to tie together.

Well Monday will start the VS-08 drills, and still no mention of them in the MSM. It seems that if you thought anything of the people in the country you would put this one out there. Well, that is not really true I guess? When the only things you look at are ratings and the dollar value of the things you put out there, I figure you care what they will bite on.

VS-08 is being treated the same way that SPP/North American Union was treated. No God Damn coverage at all. Of course you could find some articles on the Web, but unless you draw your information from what the Media itself tells you is credible, people call you a tin-foil hatter, or my favorite is, “Anyone can put Anything, at Anytime, they want on the Net.

Ok, The SPP/NAU, is here, VS-08 will be here in a day and a half. What are we going to do? Nothing! The very thing Americans are good at, Doing Nothing. Common when was the last time we as a nation stood up and did something to protect our Rights and Freedoms. Do not say this Iraq invasion, if did lock yourself in your bedroom, and don’t come out unless we need you! I would say maybe WWII depending on how you look at history. Korea, and Vietnam had nothing to do with the freedoms of this country, and neither did either of the Iraqi conflicts.

Oh the groups running this war are crafty, that would tell you right away it is not, “The Windshield Cowboy”, G.W. Bush. Without getting side tracked, your foreign policy is being run by such think tanks as PNAC. They are running this so that for as long as possible the average American does not have to make any sacrifices. No war tax, no draft, oh yes there is one sacrifice they are asking of you, “Go shopping.”

Sorry I went on that rant, But God Damn it makes me Mad that the people don’t rise up and do something. But you might be saying to yourself, “Badass, the polls show that the American People are against this War, and administration. In which I say to you “Big Freaking Deal!” What is there to saying “NO I don’t like the war.” Well ok, you had to get up from the T.V. and walk to the phone, (and that’s if you don’t have wireless), you had to turn the volume down, and answer the question. Big Freaking whoop. Look where I am going with this is unless Shawn, or Rush, or Keith, or Wolf, tell us most of the country does not know.

Why should we worry about VS-08? Well let’s look at some recent history, September 11, 2001, and July 07, 2005. On both occasions drills were being run at the exact time and places that the attacks occurred. (Hum)

A very informative read on the NORAD drills of 9-11-2001 is, Military Drills on 9-11…

Look I cannot say that we will be attacked, or that the martial law drill will go completely live and people will be locked up or held in there homes. Nothing may happen at all, in fact I hope that nothing does. But you see, I feel as long as we are out here making people aware of what the government is up to, and the groups that lead them around by the nose, see we are aware, it won’t happen .


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  1. phaeton permalink
    April 21, 2008 9:55 am

    In title, it is “shield” and not “sheild” 😦



  2. manta permalink
    October 22, 2007 1:37 am

    bla bla


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