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Ron Paul and the Liberal Fascination

October 13, 2007

Last night I was watching “Real Time” with Bill Maher, and Tucker Carlson was one of the guest. (An annoying guest but still a guest.) He brought up an interesting point about the liberals that are going crazy over Ron Paul.

According to the Heritage Dictionary a Libertarian is:
1. One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state.
2. One who believes in free will.

Champaign site

Ron Paul although running on the Republican ticket is a Libertarian at heart, and as a Libertarian he should believe in total rule by the Constitution. Which would mean doing away with all government founded social programs. (Not exactly what liberals believe in?)

Maybe eighty-five or ninety years ago, that idea was the right one, but to be a TRUE Libertarian in this day and age well in my opinion would be well…..chaos. So I did a little research on some of the Bills and stance that Ron Paul put forth, and found some interesting things. However the major thing I found was, Tucker Carlson misrepresented Ron Paul.

The first thing I found was a Bill that Ron Paul introduced to the House of Representatives, in 2001. Which called for the government to give lower income children a chance at a better education with a 3,000 dollar tax credit.


If you go to the Ron Paul site listed here, Ron Paul you will see some of the reasons I fill that Ron Paul was misrepresented by Tucker Carlson.

I wanted to be known that I do not work for, or plan on voting for Ron Paul, but do feel that all candidates should not be misrepresented in or by the media.


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  1. October 13, 2007 9:44 pm

    Did you go to my site, of reference?


  2. Johnnyb permalink
    October 13, 2007 5:17 pm

    Quick facts check, Ron Paul is a US Congressman from TX and cannot introduce a Bill in the Texas House of Representatives.

    Texas does not have an Income Tax, so offering a $3000 dollar tax credit would be irrelevant in Texas.


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