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Questions for the MSM, and Citizenry of the North American Continent

October 13, 2007

Ok, this is just to get some things off my chest mostly aimed at the media. And if anything else comes to mind I will tackle that too

First off, there something that is about happen in a couple of days, VS-08. It is the martial law drill that will take place Oct 15-20, no mention of this at all, and why not.

Second, Why the dropped coverage of the Mexican Drivers now being allowed to bring there loads across the border, and interstate them. Taking them to Canada if needed.

Third, why has there been no mention of the SPP/North American Union, or the fact that the Bills and Coins have been minted for the Amero. There was no reporting on the Meetings and Conferences, Such as the meeting between George W. Bush, Vienti Foxx, and Paul Martin, (three meetings). Then the meeting in Canada with the three top Cabinet members of each country. (That took place in August)

I found a Blog with a Canadian view on the NAU. One of the sad parts about it all, I am one of the few bloggers that is writing on this in the US. (I mean small blogs)

Network and Cable alike have played to the White House more during this administration, than any time I can remember in history. (Possibly with the exception of WWII.)

In this day and age of the Blog, Pod Cast, Video Cast, and Internet News, you would think that to try and get some kind of dignity back, and they would lose the administration’s influence, and step away from the Fox Noise way of reporting(Spinning.)


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