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Powder Keg Building

October 12, 2007

It seems that Bush is out of his freak’en mid. Well ok his has proved that over and over, but he is really putting the country in danger again. The START 1 treaty with Russia is the one thing that was insuring that both countries deplete their arsenals of nuclear weapons.


The Bush administration considers the START I monitoring scheme an outdated remnant of the Cold War. It wants to replace it with an informal arrangement of looser inspections that would allow the Pentagon more freedom to develop weapons to meet new threats.

It seems that one of the only reasons that this administration would want to let the treaty expire, is to do the very same thing the Pentagon is worried Russia will do if it falls through.

U.S. intelligence agencies oppose the administration’s position. They’ve warned the White House that if the START I monitoring system is abandoned, they won’t be able to determine with high confidence whether Moscow is cheating on the 2002 treaty.

Unless it’s replaced, Moscow and Washington will lose the primary means by which they make sure that each is complying with a 2002 treaty that requires them to slash the numbers of nuclear warheads on their bombers, long-range missiles and submarines to no more than 2,200 by Dec. 31, 2012

If this is allowed to go by the wayside it will usher in a new cold war between the two countries. Who is pulling the strings now, with only about 15 months left shouldn’t Bush be getting ready to head to the ranch in Paraguay.

Maybe This Would Be a Good Reason, TO GET THE FU_K OUT NOW!

“All prospects look bad … and relations with the U.S. have already gone down the drain,” Semih Idiz, a veteran Turkish commentator, told Reuters.

Kurdish rebels said that they were crossing back over in to Turkey on Friday. The reason being that Ankara said, that it was going to attack them in the Northern Mountains of Iraq.

Adding to the pressure growing in the area, a poorly timed resolution in the House.


As regional tensions rose, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan cautioned that relations between Ankara and Washington were in danger over a U.S. congressional resolution branding as genocide massacres of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915.

Now this is purely my opinion, but this is the best time to pull the troops out of that region. The thought being that they depend on the bases set up in Turkey for supplies. Also it is the way out of that area.

I feel that this is not the time for the left to set back and watch. If this erupts, the troops could be in grave danger. It is time for the government to stop the PNAC Agenda, and think of the troops.

Ankara recalled its ambassador from the United States for consultations after the U.S. vote, which was strongly condemned in predominantly Muslim but secular Turkey.

“We don’t need anyone’s advice on northern Iraq and the operation to be carried out there,” Erdogan told a cheering crowd in Istanbul, after saying that the United States “came tens of thousands of kilometers and attacked Iraq without asking anyone’s permission.”

Turkey’s government stressed, the resolution could cause a break in the treaties that allow the US to use bases in the area, and all Turkish, US relations.

And U.S. military officials said Friday that they have seen no indications of repercussions yet from the Turks.
But the Pentagon has dusted off contingency plans that would reroute supplies and arms if transportation through Turkey or across its airspace is restricted. There is more “focused planning” as a result of the congressional action, the official said.

Here is something to Watch for From The Bush Administration

Something to keep an eye on, is the administration blaming the rise in the death total now that Ramadan is over, on the bad feeling now becoming apparent between the Turkish government and the US. They will blame the resolution condemning the killings of Armenians a century ago as genocide, the reason that troop are unprotected. The truth of the matter is that the vehicles were originally headed for the Iraqi military, and police. Also the same type of vehicle was available to the troops over 2 years ago, but the administration would not purchase them. But why you may ask, it is cheaper to replace soldiers than equipment; any businessman knows that.

One key impact could be on the delivery of mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs) that the Pentagon has been trying to rush to Iraq. The vehicles give troops better protection against roadside bombs.

So watch for this spin to come down, and call it what it is bullshit.


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  1. kip permalink
    October 13, 2007 4:52 am

    WTF?!? Cheney was working for Reagan when all these treaties were being signed in the first place! I don’t understand…


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