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A Change Coming, Crises in The America

October 9, 2007

This just a short little Thought of how the Amero is being taken by the countries to be involved.

Awhile back, Steve Previs, a vice president at Jefferies International Ltd., explained the Amero “is the proposed new currency for the North American Community which is being developed right now between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.”

This was discussed at the end of an interview on CNBC. When during the interview he bought up that the Canadians are upset at the news of the Amero, and as for the Americans, outside of Texas no one knows of this. The main reason Texans know of it is because their land is being taken away from them by the government under eminent domain for the NAFTA super highway.


Previs told the television audience many Canadians are “upset” about the amero. Most Americans outside of Texas largely are unaware of the amero or the plans to integrate North America, Previs observed, claiming many are just “putting their head in the sand” over the plans.

Below is the interview.

As far as the North American Union, when you try and talk to people about it they look at you as if you are crazy, but that is mostly because they don’t understand what fascism is, or what it takes to make fascism come to the forefront . Yet they are happy to allow the corporations to have a highly vested interest in the government from the ground up. Most sit and think they are capitalist and what they are doing is good for them and great for the country. When in reality, it is not so slowly driving this country to the brink of collapse.

In the video, they talk about the Kathiren Harris Bill that call for the protecting of the southern border of Mexico, not the Border between the U.S. and Mexico.

To show that the liberals are not the only ones that see this coming in play, but also True Conservatives are worried. The next clip is by a Conservative group.

Sorry, this was not as short as I thought it might be, but I hope you watch the videos and tell people about it. Because apathy has put us in the very position we are in now, “About to lose our country.”


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