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Rush Limbaugh a Great American, (Excuse me I just Threw-up a Little)

October 6, 2007

I had known about the Rush Limp-balls statement about the “Phony Soldiers” for a couple days now, but tonight while watching Keith Olbermann the Vice-President of VoteVets.Org was on telling of what the statement was doing in Middle America, and it was not pretty.

During the interview Keith’s guest read actual e-mails that were received. One told all Vets that disagree with the war policy, “to do the country a favor and commit suicide.” Another one said that “Rush Limbaugh is a great American and that the Vets are lying sack of filth.”

These were just two of thousands received, and the rest weren’t much better. So the next time you think that these Right-Wing mouthpieces are not being taken seriously, just thing about the way their listeners take their cue. Because just like the Bush administration does, they attack and shit on those they send to fight, then toss them aside.

These E-mails were received after the ad with Iraqi war Veteran, Staff Sergeant Brian McGough had aired and Rush had enough time to reedit the statements he made earlier. Rush then attacked the ad and Sergeant McGough. The ad was in response to Limbaugh saying that Sergeant McGough was lied to and sent out with these lies like a Suicide Bomber to damage as many people as he could. Also in that same show Rush bragged that he had passed his court ordered drug test.

If what Rush is doing isn’t bad enough, some republicans have decided to use this, disgusting case of Rush Limbaugh having diarrhea of the mouth, to defend him and a fund raiser for themselves. Ladies and gentlemen the party that cares for the troops. Ops, I just threw-up a little in my mouth.

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