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Anti-Smoking is Getting Out – Of – Hand

October 4, 2007

Calbasas Ca. the city council is going to vote on banning people who rent from smoking in the apartments they rent, no matter how the landlords feel about smokers renting. Is this a path that we what to go down? Do we allow the government to regulate what goes on in the privacy of our homes? Yes, they have been trying to get into our bed rooms for along as this has been a country, with the Puritan sex laws, and the battle over gay marriage. Now they want to tell us that we cannot smoke in our place of residency.

Even with a story like this I had to go to a British Paper to get a overall view of what is going on with the Smoking ban.
The Independent

Two California cities are pushing anti-smoking legislation to previously unseen limits by banning tenants from lighting up inside apartment buildings.

Leading the way is Belmont, south of San Francisco, which threatened at one stage to ban smoking anywhere within city limits. Instead, Belmont city council contented itself with a ban on smoking in any building where residents share a common floor or ceiling. It is also banning all smoking within 20ft of a doorway, a common area, and areas used by children. A final vote on the new rules is expected next week, with implementation in November.

It seems that some of the councilpersons feel that by banning smoking ever where might force people in to the sanctity of there home and might affect the children, so in the future they plan to ban it from privet homes also.

Calabasas has taken to calling itself Clean Air Calabasas, a Smoke-Free City. In March, it approved an ordinance banning smoking “everywhere in the city except as otherwise provided”.
Smokers in the town can light up in shopping centre car parks and other outdoor areas “in which no non-smoker is present”. That means pavements, streets, bus stops and parks are off-limits, except perhaps in the dead of night.
The new measures have enraged libertarians and provoked a handful of death threats against the council memberswho sponsored them. They have raised eyebrows even among anti-smoking activists, who say that outdoor tobacco bans just push the habit inside people’s homes, where children can be exposed to the fumes.

Anti-Smoking Police Kick Down Doors, Enter Apartments

Tens of thousands of apartments and condos have gone smoke-free in the past five years, management companies and health activists say. But legislating the bans is new.

Critics say the bans violate civil and property rights. The Belmont ban, in particular, has triggered outrage over the idea that a tenant could be evicted for lighting up. But few doubt that other cities will soon follow in its footsteps.

Can’t people see that if you allow the government in to our home, they will be like that unwanted guest and never leave. They will try to control everything that goes on behind those closed doors. It starts with “The children, your health, the health of others, and ends up with them controlling every aspect of our lives.

I really did not get upset when they banned smoking in Government buildings, and I did not get too upset when they banned smoking in most public places, but when they told me I could not smoke in bars, and restaurants, I did get upset and will not frequent those places that do not allow me to smoke while drinking a beer. As far as restaurants, it would depended on how hungry I was.

However, yesterday I had spent three hours in a smoke free environment, so when I left the building and was headed for my car I lit up. Before I could get off the curb a Rent-A-Cop grabbed my arm and said, “You can’t do that on this campus Sir!” I told him I was headed for my car and leaving. He informed me that even in my car I would be breaking the rules of the school, and subject to a $75.00 fine. My looked at me and told me to just put it out. I refused.

I am a considerate smoker and by that I mean, when I am at a house were the people don’t smoke, even if they tell me it is ok, I don’t. If I am in a crowed, I always ask if it would bother anyone. I don’t just throw cigarette butts out the window, or put the out on the ground. I get upset when an ashtray is right there and someone steps it out on the sidewalk or ground.

Anyway, my wife told me to just put it out and get in the car, but I did not for one there was no ashtray around, and second the cost of cigarettes is too high to waste them. I continued to the car, got in and pulled out. All the while the Rent-A-Cop was writing down the license plate number of my car. I expect to be doing some time in court fighting the ticket.

If that was not enough of a hassle for one day over smoking, we went to the Eat’en Park for lunch, I stood in line to just put our name on the list for about 10 minutes, and when I get to the hostess station, I tell her my name, and that we would like smoking. She looks at me and says, “I’m sorry sir, we did a way with the smoking section two days ago.” I look at her, turn and look at my wife. (You see usually we will sit in the section that will get us seated the fastest.) But not this time, I turned back to the hostess and said, “I know this is not your fault, but no thank-you, and please tell your manager that we will not be eating here again, and that I will let my friends and the 2 ½ people that read my blog, not to eat here as well.”

So my wife and I left the Eat’n Park at 320 Oak Spring Rd, Washington, PA, and went to Shorty’s Hotdog shop, at 2301 Jefferson Avenue, Washington, PA 15301 where I wanted to go in the first place. I enjoyed 3 chilly dogs with everything, and french-fries with gravy, and was allowed to enjoy that smoke after our meal.


[Kids, if you are reading this, remember smoking is not good for you. It is a habit that is being outlawed little by little. When I was foolish enough to start, cigarettes cost 35 cents, back around 1974-75, now they cost close to 5.00 here in Pa.

So, if nothing else, think of all the things you could use that money on, instead of slowly killing yourself. Things like gas for your car, or P.C. games.]

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