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One Soldier’s Story

September 30, 2007

Here we are the last Sunday in September, in fact the last day. It has been an active month as far as politics go. We had The Senate pass a Bill that gives George W. Bush the power to attack Iran when we warrants it necessary.
(Lieberman/Kyle Bill.)

The president of Iran,Mahmound Ahmadinejad visited New York to give a speech at the U.N. and Columbia University, which drew a few protest. The dollar hit lows, allowing the Euro and the Canadian Loonie to surpass It.

Last but not least we have had the Democratic and Republican debates. In which he front running Republicans showed they don’t care about the Black population. However, the democrats showed that they don‘t really care about the troops as they continue to politics with their lives.

This month, the Iraq war touched home for one of my wife’s friends when her son-in-law returned home from Iraq. He had been there for 15 months. His National Guard unit was deployed last June for the second time. Although he had been in since pre-9-11-2001, this was his first assignment in Iraq. They thought it might not be that bad because he is a mechanic, he would remain on base and work. However, that’s not how it went. He went out on patrol his second day there.

When he arrived home last year on leave, his wife had noticed a change in him right away. Instead of being his outward going self, he was withdrawn avoiding conversation with anyone. If he was cornered it to talking with someone, he stared past them and only gave yes and no answers. He did not spend time with her and the kids, (who are his world) he would avoid contact with them. He would shut himself in their bedroom, not coming out for hours at a time. He would make them shut the television off when he did come out. He was afraid of hearing any bad news from Iraq.

This time when he returned home things were worse. When he got of the plane with his unit, he did not rush over to meet them, and after arriving home he went right to his room and locked the door. Kim told her mother that she could hear him crying in the bedroom.

Later that evening he came out and sat on the couch, but did not speak, at first. After awhile she asks if he wanted to talk about it. He turned to her and stared. He lowered his head and said, “They tell you about the death, but you know there is death in a war. They tell you to keep your head and ass down or you will get it shot off. They told us to look at the Iraqis as objects when you see them dead. But, they never prepared me for the wounded. To see the kids looking like mangled meat, and people you were talking to that morning coming back with eyes and limbs missing. I won’t go back, they can’t make me go back.”

Things are not getting better from what my wife tells me. He has lost his job, there are hard times in the marriage because of the financial situation, he might end up in court-martialed because he has refused to report back to his unit.

This is going on all over The United States, and even worse situations. He came back with all his limbs, just think about those who are maimed for life, both mentally and physically. So the next time you hear someone say that they support Bush and this war, walk up to them and punch them square in the mouth, you might not change their mind, but think how good you will feel, just before you are arrested.


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