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RFID is Becoming an excepted Way of Life

September 29, 2007

On this Saturday morning I decided to revisit a couple of the so-called Tinfoil Hat subjects. One of the most disturbing was the 5 articles Rachael and I did on the RFID Chip, and its uses and future uses.

At the time we did the first story we found that besides the U.S. Government, Wal-Mart was one of the biggest user of the “Chip”, now many corporations are using the “Chip”. Many suppliers to these companies are being forced into chipping their products, saving the companies money but, are a great expense and moral dilemma to them.

The Pentagon has been using the chip for a few years now, from track inventory, to implanting and tracking soldiers.

Mcdonlalds now allows customers to use RFID to pay for their Big Mac and Fries.


VeriFone Inc., a maker of credit card readers for retailers, was chosen by McDonald’s Corp. to provide its restaurants with a wireless credit card system offered by MasterCard International that uses RFID technology. McDonald’s customers can wave their PayPass card near the Verifone card reader and the device will charge the purchase to their MasterCard account.

Just a side note: Do you really want a paper trail out there on how you eat? One that can be bought by insurance companies to adjust your rates. They already do this with those grocery store cards you use to save 3 cents on a pound of bacon.Corparations like VISA are giving customers a chance to willingly be tracked by making there life so much easier. The thing people need to understand is, when you give into some luxuries you are also giving into the loss of your privacy.Article

Visa has made a new key fob payment device embedded with Visa payWave available: the Visa Micro Tag. The Visa Micro Tag is designed to easily attach to a key ring, and allows cardholders to pay by simply waving their Visa Micro Tag in front of a contactless payment terminal without the need to physically swipe or insert the device into a point-of-sale terminal. To celebrate the debut, Visa Micro Tags loaded with $15 will be distributed to the first 1,000 San Francisco Giants fans entering AT&T Park’s Field Club level September 26, 2007.

Look, soon they are going to be sell the public on the fastest of all ways to pay for things, get medical help, and pay that speeding ticket off right on the spot. They are going to Chip your person. Oh wait; they are already doing that.

The devices can also be linked to financial information such as credit card numbers and buying habits, which is why a nightclub in Glasgow, Scotland, recently began offering to implant its patrons with the chips. The club, called Bar Soba, said the chips let customers leave their wallets at home and count on their favorite drink being ready as soon as they walk through the door and get scanned.

Others who’ve had the devices implanted include Mexico’s attorney general and some of his staff. A nightclub in Spain beat the one in Scotland; it’s been offering chip implants since last April. At last count, in July, VeriChip had sold about 7,000 of the devices; about 1,000 of those have been inserted in humans, the company reported.

So now they are pushing the Chips as the cool way to pay for you night out, on the younger crowd. The Chip was being, and still is said to be a great way to monitor the elderly and their medical conditions. I agree that in this manor it is a good thing. My neighbor who has a really bad heart has a Chip that allows him to walk in front of a scanner type machine and sends vital readings to his doctor. The bad part of this was it was not explained to him that he would have a Chip. It was in the contract he signed, but was not explained verbally to him. I did explain how it works and he had no objection to it. And you cannot blame him; it could save his life one day.

So, it does have its good uses, but as we all know anything can and will be used for the wrong reasons. We need to be alerted to these facts, and keep our eyes wide open.

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