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U.S at War with Iran? Very Soon!

September 27, 2007

U.S at War with Iran? Very Soon!

Update, 2:27 pm, EST. I have checked back at the Thomas Law site and this is the message I get.

The text of HOUSE AMENDMENT 11911 has not yet been received from GPO
Bills are generally sent to the Library of Congress from the Government Printing Office a day or two after they are introduced on the floor of the House or Senate. Delays can occur when there are a large number of bills to prepare or when a very large bill has to be printed.

I will keep you informed.

The Senate passed an admendment that will give Bush the power to attack Iran at any time.

I was told of this information by a friend and he found it at Danger Warnings

The Senate has passed House Amendment 11911
Below is the relevant language which under the War Powers Act gives Bush the Powers to attack Iran at any time.

(3) … it should be the policy of the United States to combat, contain, and roll back the violent activities and destabilizing influence inside Iraq of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its foreign facilitators such as Lebanese Hezbollah, and its indigenous Iraqi proxies;

(4) to support the prudent and calibrated use of all instruments of United States national power in Iraq, including diplomatic, economic, intelligence, and military instruments, in support of the policy described in paragraph (3) with respect to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxies.

The link has been taken down, but should be put back up soon. To find out more, go to Google and put a section of text in quotes.

This will become part of HR 1585 “The National Defense Authorization Act”. This is a Bill that is expected to pass in early October, and these types of Bills pass easily.

May God save our soul.


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  1. kevin permalink
    September 27, 2007 5:45 am

    ABA, please see the correction in the headline at the danger warnings site and correct it, and the related info here! sorry about the mistake!!!


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