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Hourglass Economy, What it Means for the Citizenry

September 26, 2007

I wrote on this subject a few years ago, when I read that George W. Bush had written a paper on this subject while in college. I was ask to explain The Hourglass Economy on another blogger’s site, so I decided to do it here instead of a reply box.

It is pretty simple to see and understand that this is what is needed to move in the direction of The NAU, and eventually the N.W.O. The ones who will bare the brunt of this change will be the Middle Class of the United States and Canada. Mexico will benefit from this move. With the decline of the U.S. dollar and the slight climb of the Canadian Loonies (dollar), they are on equal footing, and stage is being set for the introduction of the Amero.

With the burst of the Housing Market in the U.S. the dollar has started to drop rapidly. Even before the burst, it was unstable at best. China has threatened to drop the dollar as its currency of trade, do to the money that it lost because of the Housing burst. However, the U.S. Government has somehow eased their worries, and for now they will stay with the dollar. Never the less other countries are dropping the dollar, or cutting back on their dollar reserves. This could be devastating on our economy, in that we rely on foreign investment in our currency to bolster its value or, at least, to slow down its fall.

At this point in time, everything that is happening to our economy has the earmark of heading towards an Hourglass Economy. Below are listed what is, or has taken place to being this about.

1. An influx of illegal low rate workers to bring down the pay rate.

2. Skilled foreign workers to work for low salaries and citizenship at high-end jobs.

3. A collapse, or near collapse of the economy is needed to dissolve the Middle Class, by creating a deep recession, or what is being called (a little “D” depression.

When these three things have occurred along with a few minor details, you will have the Hourglass effect, and thus the Hour Glass Economy. You will have the Poor, Working Poor, and the Upper Echelon.


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