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Hillary Forcing the Poor to Decide Between Healthcare, and Feeding the Kids.

September 19, 2007

You have to love what Hillary is suggesting to handle the Healthcare crises we are facing in this country. Not that you will hear much about the “Hilary Care” with OJ back in the news.

On September 17, 2007 Hillary Clinton released her Idea for Mandatory healthcare for all Americans. Yes you heard me right, you will be forced in to buying health insurance, and here is the kick in the crotch, there will no set ceiling on what they can charge you. With the average salary of a middle class family being 60,000 dollars a year, and the cost of a lousy healthcare plan at between 12,000 and 14,000 a year that is a big bite for a family of three.

One of the claims is, they will save money by not allowing things like aspirin to cost the company six dollars a pill during a hospital stay. However, now you will have the drug manufactures claiming violation of free market practice. Claiming that they should be allowed to charge what they deem a fair price for their product. Soon, we will be hearing the echoing of Socialism from the Neo-Cons.

Below is an excerpt from the radio showMarketplace the Morning Report, Jamie Court commentary.

Oh wait, I can hear the plaintive cry of the free market. You can’t tell a doctor, insurer, hospital or drug company what’s reasonable to charge. That’s socialism. Well, how reasonable then is it to tell every American you have to buy a product whose cost is obscene if you want to be a U.S. citizen? Isn’t that corporate socialism?
Mandatory health insurance is a government bailout of a free market that’s failed its customers. Fewer people and employers are buying private health insurance because it costs so much more and delivers so little.

To hear the show in its entirety, go to , and click on the Listen Now button.

Hillary claims that in her 15 years on the Hill she has learned how to get things done. In my opinion she certainly has. What she has learned is, she has to let the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies buy her. Although she is not the only one. Ca. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mitt Romney, believe in the same plan.

In my opinion, it is a bad plan when you put more power in the hands of entities that already wiled too much power. It is not helping a Middle Class that is already struggling. And damn hard on the working poor, who as it stands now, are one paycheck away from losing it all.

Ok, lets say this policy makes it, and all American citizens are forced to buy this coverage, “who will enforce it?” Will the healthcare-police come to your door and ask for your papers? Maybe it will be found out when you have to get your National ID card. I know when you go to the hospital, or the Doctors office instead of being treated, if you don’t have insurance you will be hauled off.

This is a stupid way of doing this. How, do you force that family that make barely too much for assistance, but not nearly enough to pay the outrageous premiums? I don’t see this idea getting off of the ground, and that is a very good thing.


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  1. September 24, 2007 3:49 pm

    At some point they won’t allow you to even interview for a job without having insurance. Certain federal buildings will require you showing “The Real Id” (national ID card) and your insurance card.
    Then they will tie it into the tax system so that you can’t get a tax return unless you are current on your insurance payments.
    Of course, credit will be tied into it, and so forth…

    and she says “at this point, there are no penalties” for not having insurance…of course not, the insurance mandate hasn’t been enacted yet.

    this is disgusting and anyone who votes for this monster gets what they deserve.

    nice article again, ABA


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