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The Fall is Coming, if the Desired Affect is Seen.

September 12, 2007

We are heading into the fall of the year, and the weather shows it. With the cool mornings and warm afternoons. Sadly the market is going to shadow the same thing. Government and financial agencies have already begun taking steps to prepare for the upcoming crisis.

According to some people I spent time with, (rather far up the ladder in the FDIC.) this weekend, the market will in the next four months take a real turn for the worse. One of those hits coming as early as this month.

As anyone who has been watching the market has seen it is very unstable. From what I found out there is a ramp-up like never seen before of personal and it is all in preparation for a Run On The Banking Industry, which they know will cause a crash.

From the things that are out there for the public to see, hard times are coming. By now, most people know that there have been >Put-options of several Billion dollars placed on certain key stocks to fail this month. Also the Chinese are ticked over the trillions they have lost in the recent housing bubble burst, and are talking of dumping the U.S. Dollar. Then you have the French banks that refuse to give American banks low-interest loans, because of the dollars situation. What is going on is a total loss of confidence in the United States economical power.

The easy way could be taken and say that this is all on the shoulders of this administration, but it is not, it has been building for decades, and has hit the pinnacle.

The transition to the Amero will be somewhat easier with a deep resection, or collapse of the market. Not financially, but for the public to get on board. It is going to be much easier to sell if you dollar is not worth anything, and they can convince people that by changing to another currency type will save some of the value they have created.

There could be an out to all of this. If an attack would happen before this takes place, or the war in the Middle East were to expand, there is a slight chance that the dollar and the market could see a rebound. Our economy has become so dependent on the Industrial Complex and government bailouts in the last couple of years that it would almost take a crash to fix it. We have a trade deficit of nearly 70%, to countries like China, and some experts feel that the N.A.U. will help bailout the corporations, and help the three countries economies. That is why the North American Union is soon to be a reality. I ask about the photos of the Amero coins I had seen, and if they were real, all that was said, “I really can’t say.”


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  1. September 23, 2007 6:23 pm

    I think the NAU is something many politicians feel is enevitable, but they won’t talk about it.

    Dropping the intrest rate by 50 points is another attempt to devalue the dollar in the international markets. I’m thinking around May or June next year (same time as Real Id Act?).

    Nice blog, you should check out mine. New article on the Friedman Effect on our Ecconomic system.

    nice blog.


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