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Figure Heads, and The Puppet Masters that Control Them

September 4, 2007

The arrogance of the members of PNAC and this administration is unbelievable even knowing what we know about them. In an article a friend pointed out to me yesterday, proves what I have said all along, G.W. Bush does not call the shots over his administrations. (No pun intended.)

William Kristol, editor of “The Weekly Standard” and Chairman of PNAC, has said that it is simply easier to cutout the Middle Man when it comes to the Middle East, in a recent press release.


“We’re pretty sure that in the next few weeks Bush will finally green-light our attack on Iran, and we’ve let him know through ‘channels’ that air strikes simply aren’t going to be enough. We want Army divisions in Teheran, Navy carriers all along the Straits of Hormuz, and National Guard units patrolling the length of the Iranian border with Syria. And the Israeli border with Syria. Nothing else will preserve the security of the United States and Israel,” Kristol said.

“The political party that gets on board with our patriotic plan will receive our concerted support. The party which argues for a less proactive policy will pay an electoral price for its extremism,” said Kristol.

The Radical Christian Right, is trying to bring their base on board with the PNAC plan.

Televangelist Pat Robertson described the plan as “the single best way to assure that the blessing of Almighty GOD will descend upon this country,” and offered the warning that “if we reject this opportunity to stand with God’s own people, He will smite us once again—as he smote the sodomites, drunken idolaters and welfare queens of New Orleans.”

With the forming of The Committee for a Strong Europe, rumors began to fly that PNAC had begun winding down. This was helped by Crystol himself a while back with an appearance on the Daily Show when he told Jon Stewart that that the Think Tank was not happy with the things that (P)Resident Bush was doing in Iraq, and were stepping back from the administration. This all changed with the Surge that G.W. Bush put into place in February 2007. The surge that said that 28,000 more troops would be sent to Iraq, basically following the PNAC letter to Congress calling for an increase in the number of troops in Iraq. A surge that instead of 28,000 increased the number close to 100,000.

For years now I have been blogging on and off, on how the Think Tank <PNAC (Project for the New American Century) has controlled this countries governments foreign policy, and how we are looked at by other countries. During this time PNAC has branched out into Europe. This was done with the establishment of C.S.E. (The Committee for a Strong Europe.) In the past I felt that John McCain would be the Neo-Con front runner for the Presidency in 2008, but this does not seem to be the case. The reasoning for that speculation was the fact that McCain is the Co-Chairman of CSE. (Since I first reported on C.S.E., they have placed their Website on the internet.) Less than a year ago you could only find a few French sites that even spoke of C.S.E.

After reading the PNAC Agenda and the Letters found on the site, I came too the conclusion that they were behind the Impeachment hearings of Bill Clinton.

At that time President Clinton was not playing according to the wants of PNAC, so they decided to make him see it their way. I came to part of me conclusion after reading,Letter to President Clinton 1-26-98 and Letter to Gingrich, and Lott 4-29-98.

I have been ask by many people, “If PNAC has that kind of power over the foreign policy, why is it on the web for all to see?” And it is a simple reason.

PNAC was formed in 1993, in the G.H.W. Bush White House, or more accurately Pentagon. They were using the internet to contact and discuss issues with each other, and their communications were stumbled upon. That person published the findings and PNAC was forced to go public in 1997 posting the website you see today. They pass it off as being an educational website. Any intelligent person knows everything is not put on the site to be seen by all. However, like what is fed to the public (By the MSM) it hand picked and censored.

So, go to the PNAC and C.S.E. websites and draw your own conclusions.

ABA (American Badass_607)

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