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It Now Has Officially Gone Too Far!

August 2, 2007

It seems that if you feel that this country is in distress that you may not speak of or display that sentiment in this country. The expansion of Act10 is only the beginning of what is to come it seems. Along with Presidential Directive 51, [ Which turns all power over to the sitting President at the time of a declared national emergency.] A directive that allows the (P)Resident to declare, almost anything an emergency, and gives (him or her) the only authority to stop the emergency.

The Executive order singed on July 17, 2007, allows any person speaking out, or protesting against the Iraq war to be declared an Enemy Combatant, having property seized and assets frozen. It also, makes anyone who tries to help that person, such as doctors, storeowners, excreta, a possible combatant. By protesting, or speaking out you could be charged with aiding and abetting the terrorist.

A Far Stretch?

It is not as far as you might think. Why would this (P)Resident even think of writing such an order if he did not intend on using it? Then why would we need Presidential Directive 51? Why would the man write it so that he would gain ALL of the power?

Then ask yourself, why were they written at this point in time, and in the order that they came out. In my humble opinion, we see their plan continue to be laid out before us. Moreover, they will continue until they cannot go any farther or we stop them.

Enslaved and Punished

The above prison Planet story is about Mark and Deborah Kuhn,
a couple that loves this country and feel that the current administration has brought it to the brink of distress. The flag that they fly in their yard is upside down, which is the international sign for distress.

Below is part of a report from <a href=<Citizen, as reported by, Mike McWilliams.

Mark and Deborah Kuhn were arrested on two counts of assault on a government employee, resisting arrest and a rarely used charge, desecrating an American flag, all misdemeanors. The Kuhns were released from custody Wednesday afternoon, on $1,500 bond.

The whole incident occurred when someone said that a flag was being desecrated at the Kuhn’s address.

State law prohibits anyone from knowingly mutilating, defiling, defacing or trampling the U.S. or North Carolina flags. Lt. Randy Sorrells of the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office said the Kuhns desecrated the flag by pinning signs to it, not by flying it upside down.

Mrs. Kuhn explained that signs were pined on to explain why the flag was being flown upside down.

Deborah Kuhn said they removed the flag from their front porch after Scarborough threatened to cite them, but they objected to showing Scarborough their IDs, which he needed to write the tickets. Scarborough then broke into their house and came after them, they said.
“He tried to keep us from closing the door, but we managed to get it closed,” Deborah Kuhn said. “We locked the door and he broke the glass to our front door and proceeded to assault my husband, saying, ‘You’re under arrest.’”

The Kuhns each face a maximum 420 days in jail if convicted on all of the charges.

I suggest that you read the whole article for yourself. It will really let you peak into the future, and see just where these Presidential Orders, Directives, along with the other laws and “The Patriot Act” are going. It seems that the game is almost complete and we are going to lose.



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