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Please Don’t Call Them Republicans

July 27, 2007

The government was taken over by somthing that is not what it seems. I believe this is why the public gets confused and have not taken to the streets. They are not republicans, they are Neo-Cons, and yes, there is a big difference, just as there is a group of Democrats that have broken away from the Democratic Party. In the case of the Democrats, they have had a two way split. You have the ones that have for the most part joined with the Neo-Con movement, and the group that have gone the extreme left.

The person that comes to mind as an example of a Demo-Con is Sen. Joseph Lieberman ( Ind Ct.); he was the Gore pick for Vice President in 2000. After losing the confidence of the democratic voters in the primaries of 2006, he switched to the independent party, and won with the support of the Republican vote. And to this day sides for the most part with the Bush administration.

The Neo-Cons was the brainchild of Irving Kristol and Donald Kagan, who extolled a philosophy of “national greatness” and called for the United States to exercise nothing less than “benevolent global hegemony”. Out of this philosophy was born, The (P)roject for a (N)ew (A)merican (C)entury. PNAC is a Neo-Con Think Tank that was formed during the G.H.W. Bush administration by William Kristol, Irving’s son.

PNAC played a major role in shaping the political atmosphere of the 1990s. The Think Tank was mostly a secretive group until midway through Bill Clintons first term when they learned that Clinton would not follow their advice.

On May 29,1998, The PNAC group sent a letter to Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich and, Senator Trent Lott in regards to their anger of how the President handled the Iraq situation, when he disregarded the letter they had sent him in January of that year. The letter suggested that they handle the situation, and get the President to see things their way.

To read the letters sent by PNAC and the PNAC agenda, go to; The Project for a New American Century


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