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Libby, Just Another Show of Arrogance.

July 3, 2007

We all knew it was coming, so it is no surprise, but it does anger me. The money that was wasted in the process of bringing it to trail, the money that was wasted for the trial, and the fact that he was the only person brought to trial for the Bush administrations outing of a CIA undercover agent, are the things that anger me a little. The thing that angers me the most is that this has the fingerprints of Dick Cheney, and the Neo-Conservatives all over it. This is something we have seen this so many times before, the in your face utter disregard for the law. The fact that they have broken so many laws, while crumbling the Constitution into a ball, and replaced it with The Patriot Act is proof positive of their arrogance.The Patriot Act is a document that is not meant to protect the citizens of the Untied states, but in fact weakens the very structure that was put in place to protect the people from a renegade administration.

With this latest move from the Neo-Cons, we see that they have the power to do just about anything they want, because they feel that no one will lift a finger to stop them. The truth be told, they may be right.

In the year 2000, they pulled off they greatest rue of all, the placement of their yes man in the office of President.

2001 saw the beginning of the slow over throw of the people with fear. In great part thanks to the downing of the Twin Towers and building #7.

2002 saw their perfect opportunity to place the U.S. presence in the Middle East by telling a sympathetic world they were tracking down Osama Bin laden.

2003 saw the U.S. form the “Coalition of the Bought and Paid For”, invade Iraq on falsified intelligence, and where we remain to day, with on end in sight.

Since then we have had one law broken after another. Wait, we would have had laws broken under the Constitution. However we are reminded that the administration does not follow that “God Damn Piece of Paper”, they hide behind the Patriot Act as their defense.

The Patriot Act along with other laws written and passed by the 109th Congress for this administration has handed almost total power over to them. Those along with a few Executive Orders, and Presidential Directives, allow G. W. Bush to take full power incase of a National Emergency.

So the more research you do into the stealing of our country, the more you will see that we have handed our country away without as much as a whimper. And still the majority still does nothing.


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  1. July 8, 2007 9:36 pm

    A whimper is right Aba! Great post here and again I agree with everything you posted…it came to no surprise to me that GW reached out to rescue his fellow crook Libby…the criminals continue Aba and we will be the ones to suffer the wrath.


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