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Something Big

May 24, 2007

I have decided to tune back into MSNBC after not watching for about 2 months. Guess what I am tuning right back out. Read on.>>>

The reason I quit watching was the stance that Keith Olbermann took on the Don Imus topic. Olbermann took the side of al Sharpton and that was enough for me to tune out. I feel that our rights are under attack by the Neo-Cons enough without people in the media piling on.

While holding true to myself, I tuned into Scarborough Country, only to see a utter display of a host trying to tell the viewers what is important and what is not. Setting in for Joe was the little weasel Dan Abraham. He kept pushing the guest to not stickup for Rosie’s comment on the U.S.A. being the terrorist by killing 650’000 innocent Iraqis, from a country that did not attack the U.S.A. This is just another comment that was taken by the MSM and twisted to discredit anyone that does get what is going on.

With that in mind why is it that Bush is now releasing information that was classified, that does point out, after we were in Iraq for 2 years, Osama the leaders of al Qaeda are plotting from Iraq to hit the west. This could be the case but didn’t we figure that one out ourselves? Could it be that Bush is trying to say that this is a reason to stay in Iraq, getting 10s of thousands of our troops killed in the process?

Another story that is supposed to be against America’s interest is that Bush signed the orders for a non-lethal attack on Iran. (Here again I blogged on this 1 year ago that the administration was trying to weaken Iran from the inside.

Shouldn’t we be more worried that this administration is paying a terrorist group that is set up on the Iranian border, to pull strikes by roadside bombs, and suicide attacks. That is what we should be looking into.

There is definitely something big happening in this administration, and with those who pull its strings. When you have the likes of Rush Limbaugh saying that he feels that the Bush administration is not going to leave office if Iran has a Nuke. Also, when all of the right-wing talking heads are taking things that the Neo-Cons were pushing, and now pushing to their audiences that the Left are who said and or did these things, there is something big a brew.

It must be about that time, when they feel that the people have forgotten most of the things that the administration and the 109th congress did in the past years. I say this because they are blaming the upcoming National ID on the Left. Also spinning the rights view on the Immigration as if the left feels this way. Yet there is so much more that they are twisting it is frightening to anyone keeping score.

the pundits have begun to talk of the power of Bush to invoke Martial Law, and the circumstances needed to do so. That in of its self is enough to make me say “What the fuck is happening?”


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