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Petraeus Needs Committed.

April 27, 2007

General David Petraeus said today, that Iraq would get harder before it gets easier, and many more casualties will take place. He also admitted that violence was still high (holding steady) in Iraq, even though sectarian killings were down. As the senate was passing the Iraq war bill that starts bringing te troops home October 1st of this year, Petraeus was telling the press that the U.S. needs to be committed to the war in Iraq.


Petraeus also gave new details on what he called “exceedingly unhelpful activities” by Iran including links to a terrorist cell that planned and carried out the abduction and murder of five U.S. soldiers in Karbala in January.

He said U.S. troops found a 22-page document on a computer during a raid last month that outlined details of that Jan. 20 sneak attack on the provincial headquarters in Karbala. Brothers Qais al-Khazaali and Laith al-Khazaali were detained in connection with the attack.

Although Petraeus says Khazaali network “is directly connected to the Iranian Quds Force, and but no strong evidence that they are doing the work of Iran. However if that is the case, why even make the connection or the two. Is it that now that Secretary of State Condi Rice is going to meet with Iranian officials there might be a sudden breakdown at some point during the talks? Added on top of the U.S. skepticism of Iran saying it has no connection in the missing retired FBI agent, this could be one more ploy to sway public opinion.

General Petraeus also said, that the war was the most complex and challenging he had seen. He went on to draw a even more frightening and sad description when he said,

“I think there is the very real possibility that there’s going to be more combat action and that, therefore, there could be more casualties,” Petraeus said. “When you’re expanding your forces’ presence, when you are going into areas that have been very lightly populated with coalition forces in the past, that there is going to be more action.”

When Bush stated that there would be no more training of Iraqi troops, and even after the so-called surge he sent more troops and extended even more tours from 12 to 15 or more months for troops already over in the meat grinder, you had to that there is no plan for this occupation to end. And so far the only thing that G.W. Bush was right about was that his war would go on into the next decade. But of course he new that, it was never to end. It was to be like a third-rate show, one that move from country to country. Staring as the Villain – The Bush administration, and playing a major role as the Victims – The Citizenry of the World.


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