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What are the Neo-Cons Up To

April 16, 2007

As we sit around and argue over the Imus firing, and whether or not it was said with malice, the White House is loving it. Not only has this kept them off the front page, but they are also out of the minds of most Americans. However, it does something more, it keeps the country divided.

The country is divided into Red/Blue, Liberal/Neo-Con, and Democrat/Republican. What this did for the White House was bring to the forefront the divide that has been for decades, the racial divide. Could this bring on what I call, The Charles Manson Theory.

Back in the 1960s Charles Manson the leader of Manson Family cult, had members of the cult commit the Tate -LaBianca murders and have it look as if they had been dune by blacks. His thinking was that he would create a civil war between Blacky and Whitey. Manson figured that the blacks were not smart enough to run the war for there self, so Charley figured that he would run the war and take over. Manson was quite sure that the white man could not defeat the blacks.


Though I doubt that is the plan from the White House, you never know with is administration. Just this morning I was listening to Quinn and Rose and how they want to pit black against white. They disgusted how a black man was on C-Span explaining that the only way to solve the problem is to eliminate the white-man from the face of the earth. Rose then wanted to know if there was a petition or something she could sign to stop them from being this way.

I started writing this yesterday, and had used the line, “I really don’t think the White House would think of the Charles Manson theory, but after hearing the hate being spewed from these two I am not so sure.

After hearing the Quinn and Rose show, I thought would go and see what the other talk show host were saying. It seems that they are all pretty much on the same page. Using the Imus incident to invoke the callers they started quoting questionable speech and running sound clips from a few black militant activist.

What the Neo-Cons are trying to do besides control what we read, hear and see, is to keep the country dividing over these issues. One problem that will happen as they push this divide is that it may get out of hand, and violence might heat to a fevered pitch.

The next part of this diary is about how the 109th congress and the administration have prepared for this.


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