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Is This What We Want? 4-12-07

April 12, 2007

Yesterday I finished my blog over at Word Press with a comment on the Imus “Nappy Headed Hoe” story, and I guess I did not get my point across. So here is an attempt at doing just that. More below the fold>>>

Please don’t get me wrong, what was said was a bone headed shot at humor. As I pointed out, Fox in their battle with MSNBC took hold of the Imus thing and ran with it. Then every news show took off and did the same. The very networks and people that call Fox the No News Network and such. This is what really pissed me off. Now they have canceled Imus, and they let John Gibson of Fox go on doing the same thing. Except he does it with malice, not an attempt at a bad joke.

Now by doing the same thing Fox did the networks that say they are better than Fox put their selves in that category. The one thing that Fox has proven itself good at doing is the White House’s bidding and by getting this story pushed to the fore front they, wiped the fact that Bush is sending two thousand or more troops over to Iraq, and extending tours for those already there. No out rage over that. We are all steamed that Imus’s joke may have offended someone, not that more U.S. troops are being sent to the slaughter.

Imus is not one of my favorite people, but he did not deserve this. (incase you have not heard, MSNBC has fired Imus, and CBS is thinking of doing the same.) People have been running around saying that these girls a scard for life, well if that is true they need help, because they are not ready for to handle the real world. Besides, scared for life is being accused of rape when you did not do it. One case of this is the Duke players, but the one case in point that shows that Al Sharpton should not be speaking for the Black community happened 15 years ago, when Sharpton ran his mouth about a gentleman that he accused of abducting and raping a fifteen year old black girl. Now that man has been scard for life. Story

I really want to know if what Imus did matches the punishment that was dealt out? And if this is the case, we all must watch what we say and do because one dumb mistake, will scar “you” for life!


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