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Bush, and, Imus Give Me a Brake

April 11, 2007

Lets start with this person that calls himself The Commander and Chief, George W. Bush. He is trying to lay this latest ploy of sending more national Guard over to Iraq. He and the Pentagon are now extending troops tours up to 4 months. They are sending troops back without proper rest, which puts stress on families and marriages.

Now the chicken hawks on the right and the few that reside on the left will tell you that’s what they signed up for. When in reality it is not what they had in mind when they upped to serve the country. Ask the troops what they think of the Iraq debacle. No don’t ask them on T.V., ask them by their selves., and most will tell you that this is not what they signed up for. But as we know the soldiers will do as they are ordered, and lay their lives on the line for the proven lies that got them their.

Most of those very soldiers will not even know what is going on back in the states. They do not know that the Democratic plan to get them home to see the loved ones that Bush has said the democrat’s plan is keeping them from seeing is be brought on by their Commander and Chief, by threatening to veto that bill. The bill that works towards a date to bring them home. What is even sadder is that the Man who said he cares for these troops is playing politics with their lives.

The True EnemyThe administration would have their true-blue followers believe that we on the left are hurting the war with our protest, marches, and speaking out against this war. The right-wing hate mongers, tell their listeners that terrorist are using what we say to insight their followers. The truth be told it is the speeches of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and others in the administration that are being used.

Last night I turned on , as I do at least two or three times a week to find out what the Middle East has to say about what is happening in their backyard. After watching about an half-hour of Mosaic news it struck me, in the past three months I have not seen any footage of the left, it has all been of the administration. So I think we know who they are using to push their cause.

Don Imus

This may piss some people off but it is how I feel on this.

Let’s get this out in the open at the start, I am not the biggest Imus supporter in the Country, and if truth be known I stopped watching tow years ago. However the “Nappy haired Hoe” comment has been taken way to far. I know the type of humor that Don uses, and sometime it is not funny.

There are times when Imus puts his foot in it, and needs to be slapped. This is possibility one of them. Now that has been done lets move on. I heard a great quote today and I wish I could remember said it, but it went like this. “MSNBC has suspended Imus for two weeks, so for two weeks you turn over to MTV and watch the blacks degrade there own.”

I am puzzled by one thing. Why is it that when a white celebrity says something that could be taken as racist they run to Al Sharpton, or Jessie Jackson? Two men that have done way worse thing to the African community than called someone “A nappy haired Hoe”.

Here is how we can equal things out. Every time a black person calls a white person a Cracker, or a Honky, they are to be fired, or fined.

Look we are all about words in this country. If you get on someone for using the word fuck, well people tell you it is just a word. Well the same goes here. The words were not used with malice, they were used as an attempted at humor. ( Besides it is a line from a Spike Lee movie.) Not like Richards’s use of the N word. That was a total loss of senses, and spewed with a venomous hate.

So what is to be learned out of this? In this P.C. world if you piss off a dog lover you to could lose your job. But what is worse you have lost you right to speak openly.


Ps. As of tonight I will not watch the Keith Olbermann show because of his choice to keep this non- newsworthy item going. I instead will be watching reruns of “Reba”.

This is a video I put together awhile back.

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  1. April 23, 2007 12:40 pm

    I especially like the part about when an African-American uses the word “Cracker.” Most people don’t fully understand the use of that word by blacks. For most of my life, I thought it was because a “saltine cracker” is white. Not so. Being from the South, that term has been passed down though the generations since the slave days. There were cotton-pickers (slaves) and there were slave-drivers (whip-crackers). Now that you know, makes you feel a little better about being called a cracker, if being a victim of racism has any good feeling at all.


  2. April 14, 2007 9:13 pm

    I believe he should have been fired right away, or not fired at all. Either way would have been fine with me, you are free to say what you want in the workplace, but your bosses are free to fire you if they don’t like it. (within reason of course) To wait until they saw which way the wind was blowing his bosses made to whole sorry circus far worse, both for the Republic, Mr Imus, and the unfortunate athletes.


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