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Steps towards April 6th or, A Not so Good, Good Friday.

April 2, 2007

As the things heat up with the Iranians over the captured British sailors, George W. Bush warned yesterday that Iran should release the Hostages. This is significant in that everyone has avoided using that terminology as not to make a hostage crises out of this incident.

The U.S. government had been notably quiet on the subject from the beginning, but Bush voiced strong opinions Saturday.
“The Iranians must give back the hostages,” he said. “They were innocent. They were doing nothing wrong. And they were summarily plucked out of water.”

The dispute is over whether or not the Iranians captured the Brits in Iranian, or Iraqi waters. Iraq, London, and Washington say that the sailors were in side Iraqi waters. Iran says that they caught them in Iranian waters.

Yahoo News

As of today no headway has been made, with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling the Brits and their allies arrogant, and selfish.

Iran’s hard-line president said Saturday that Britain and its allies were “arrogant and selfish” for not apologizing over what he called the incursion of 15 captured British sailors and marines into Iranian waters.

It seems as if the Brits have changed their tactics from the hard stance, to a more diplomatic approach.

“We continue to express our willingness to engage in dialogue and discussions with Iran,” Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said at a European Summit in Bremen, Germany. I think everyone regrets that this position has arisen … What we want is a way out of it.”

One of the thing that is sparking uprisings is the confession that was televised in Iran. In Tehran yesterday, students protested in front of British embassy throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails
at the embassy. Calling for the removal of the British ambassador.

Students in Tehran have thrown stones and petrol bombs at the British embassy in protest at international pressure over Iran’s nuclear program.
The protesters called for the expulsion of the ambassador and urged a repeat of the US embassy hostage-taking of 1979.

According to the BBC News, the protest started off peaceful, with the students of the hard-line Islamist Student Basij Organization chanting slogans calling for the repeat of the 1979 hostage taking of the workers at the U.S. embassy. Then someone started throwing rocks, firecrackers, and Molotov cocktails at the gate. Police armed with night sticks broke up the protest.

April 6th ?

A leak from the Pentagon shows that plans were drawn for an attack on Iran slated for the sixth of April, 2007. This plan was drawn up before the 14 British sailors were taken by Iran. The question I have is, Will the Pentagon hold off until the situation is resolved, or will the administration us this as an excuse to attack, and damn the sailors lives?

As we have seen in the past this administration does not care about those it sends to war. From the lack of proper equipment, to the Walter Reed scandal, they have shown a blatant disrespect for those they have sent off to fight for their agenda.

The USS Eisenhower has been moved into the Persian Gulf within striking range of Iran. There it joins two other ships that have been there since January of this year. In earlier diaries I told of the different brigades that were shipped out to the Middle East. These troops were not included in the Bush plans for the surge.

Two months and eighteen days ago I said, within 3months the administration would strike Iran. I still hold to that timeline, but now I feel that they will have some help.


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