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Chasing Ghost While Creating More

March 16, 2007

We are about to see if Bush will act like a cornered rat. They have shown that they will throw anyone under the bus; to push forward there failed policies. Will Gonzalez be the pothole filler? If so by the time this administration leaves office the road should be fairly smooth.

Is there away the White House can make this all go away? It seems that there is, that is since the Congress has backed off on the need for a “just cause” for an attack on Iran. They have also softened the language on the money ask for Iraq by the Bush administration. In fact the congress has said that they want to give Bush more than was ask for.

Clearly even though this Resolution has jumped one roadblock, it is going to fail, and the Democrats know it. To them this is just one more attempt to get Bush’s attention, and it is a stupid move. The only way to get his attention is to stop the funding of the war. The Democrats are doing nothing but showing they don’t have the guts to take him on.

Today Hillary Clinton basically came out and said that she would not bring all the troops home if elected in 2008, but in fact she would leave troops there, also something Obama has also said he would do. Even the withdraw proposed calls for some troops to stay. The one down fall to this proposal is it is surely to be vetoed by Bush.


Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, said in a New York Times interview that if elected she would maintain a scaled-down American military force in Iraq that would stay off the streets in Baghdad and no longer would try to protect Iraqis from sectarian violence.

She cited “remaining vital national security interests” for a continued deployment of U.S. troops in Iraq aimed at fighting al-Qaeda, deterring Iran, protecting Kurds and possibly supporting the Iraqi military, the newspaper reported Wednesday night on its Web site.

She said her plan was consistent with the Senate resolution, saying it called for “a limited number” of troops to stay in Iraq to protect the U.S. Embassy and other personnel, train and equip Iraqi forces and conduct “targeted counterterrorism operations.”

I have one question for the Senator. “Isn’t that what the surge and the batch of money give to G.W. Bush were for? If she ever hopes to get my vote, (and she won’t) She had better grow a set and tell us where she stands on a lot of issues she tries to confuse the people with.

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