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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Vice President of the United States ? ?

March 9, 2007

Now that a dark could is hanging over the White House, moreover Dick Cheney. Speculations are starting (Again) if the Dickster will be kicked t the Curb. A tell-tell sign will be if G. W. Bush says, I stand behind the Vice President, or Vice President Cheney is not going anywhere.

Since the Plame case started, it has been floating around the Blogisphere
that Dick Cheney would step down, or asked to by George W. Bush. Now that Cheney has all but been implicated in the leak, and his health is becoming an issue, the time might be right. But who would Bush get to step in?

One such choice might be John McCain. After all, he has done a lot of boot licking in the past eight years. This might have been a favorite months ago, but he has fallen behind in the polls, and I think that if Cheney is to be replaced it will be with the republican hopeful for 2008.

Another likely candidate to replace Cheney would be “America’s Mayor” (excuse me I puked a little.) Rudy Giuliani. According to a few polls that the Right Wing is throwing around, Giuliani is leading everyone both Republican and Democrat. Now Rudy has a lot of baggage, and to be truthful his stance on Gay rights, and abortion, does not stand up to the Neo-Con talking position. Then if the ex’s start talking, lookout.

Now we come to Jeb Bush. Everyone thinks that it would be suicide to place him in a high office. I tend to agree with that except for one thing, he is a Bush and the favorite son of George H.W. Bush. (Just a guess on my part.)

As far as we know he has a pretty clean slate. However, does that matter when you are a Bush? Apparently not looking at G. W’s record before he ran in 2000. Jeb is perfect for the job; he was a pretty popular Governor, a member of PNAC, and very little foreign relations experience. He would be perfect. G. W. had those same qualifications and he wound up in office. Jeb could get there the same way his brother did.

Anyway that is what is being discussed in the MSM, and quite seriously I might add. So one thing we no for sure, kind’a. Cheney will, maybe step down, because he now has lost, whatever power, or clout he thought he had and is now a great liability to the administration. Even more that Rummy was when he said good-bye, and moved into a side office.

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  1. waitmyturn22 permalink
    March 14, 2007 5:37 pm

    I hope this will make my Rudy Giuliani stocks go up so I make some money on it 🙂


  2. March 9, 2007 5:52 pm

    I will be surprised if he replaces Cheney- and I think Cheney would be VERY upset

    I have wondered about the crutches that Libby walked on and then Russert was walking on them- Cheney busting knee caps? I know he is quite capable of that sort of thing- I mean he shot his lawyer in the face!

    I have said from the beginning Jeb will be president one day- I thought perhaps he’d run for 08- but a few things have changed so I have changed my idea on what will happen. Hillary will take it in 08, serve two terms and then Jeb will run and take it and serve two terms- I speculate anyway! They have to keep the dynasties going…for the NWO to achieve what they want and we all know both families, Bush and Clinton are NWO’s!

    I see Cheney staying put- they only have a year left anyway and I also see Bush NOT pardoning Libby and later on that will definately be something to watch for- the singing anthem from Libby in the future for being a fall guy and not being pardoned.

    Great post again Aba!


  3. March 9, 2007 2:47 am

    Nice Flag in your banner…
    Everything is just speculation at this point, but if ‘W’ is going to replace him, now would be the time, so that the replacement could get settled before starting to campaign. This will be interesting to watch.


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