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Revisiting HR 418, and the National Intelligence Reform act of 2004.

February 28, 2007

When you are researching these topics, you have to be sure and search under the, 109th Congress.

The reason I am bringing up these to pieces of legislation is because they are set to be put into place in May of 2008. Although some states are questioning the Acts, it is not because of the loss of the right to privacy, or the possibility of ID theft. They don’t even care that if they don’t follow Federal guidelines, they will basically make the citizens of their states prisoners of that state. It is about the cost, and who will pay for It.

National Intelligence Reform act of 2004
National Intelligence Reform act of 2004

This article is a straightforward look at what was passed by Republicans and Democrats a like. The Yates piece was written before the bills and like the many diaries I wrote warns of what will happen under the National ID act.

Red Alert

We know that Ron Paul (R-Tx) voted against it. Congressman Paul had warned that same day, “Those who are willing to allow the government to establish a Soviet-style internal passport system because they think it will make us safer are terribly mistaken. Subjecting every citizen to surveillance and screening points actually will make us less safe, not in the least because it will divert resources away from tracking an apprehending terrorists and deploy them against innocent Americans! Every conservative who believes in constitutional restraints on government should reject the authoritarian national ID card and the nonsensical intelligence bill itself.”

The House passed the bill by a vote of 336-75. The Senate passed it by a vote of 89-2. Which means the democrats were on board with the removal of your right to travel freely between states, and a few other things these bills call into question.

Mr.Yates makes one comparison in his piece that stands out in my mind over the rhetoric we have heard in the past comparing G.W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. He brings the soviet style of communism to question when talking about the direction this country is headed. Moreover, that it is being accepted by the citizenry in the name of security in this administration’s “War on Terror”.

It is becoming clear, however, that putting a Soviet-style system in place has long been one of the goals of those who want unlimited power over U.S. citizens. The “war on terror” is looking more and more every day like a ruse – an instrument for instilling fear and convincing the gullible that they are “unsafe” in the absence of massive federal monitoring over every aspect of their lives. We are indeed approaching the kind of cradle-to-grave controls that existed over the peoples of the former Soviet Union.

One of the main objectives of this Bill was to seed up the installation of the National Divers license (National ID). The National ID is a digital ID that will be hooked directly into the Department of Homeland Security‘s data base. The National Id will have all the information about the cardholder. From health records to financial records. There is even a provision for the placement of a RFID chip in the card.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas Republican who has created a presidential exploratory committee, on Sunday took aim at what he described as his colleagues’ lack of respect for privacy rights and civil liberties.
“This is what has happened in Washington,” he said. “There is no rule of law. There is no respect for the Constitution.” Paul was the most tech-friendly member of the U.S. Congress, according to’s 2006 scorecard.
Starting on May 11, 2008, Americans will need a federalized ID card–a U.S. passport will also qualify–to travel on an airplane, open a bank account, collect Social Security payments or take advantage of nearly any government service. States will have to conduct checks of their citizens’ identification papers and drivers licenses likely will need to be reissued to comply with the new requirements. State motor vehicle databases also must be linked together.
The forthcoming standard IDs are required to be “electronically readable,” a requirement that appears likely to be fulfilled through including a standard magnetic stripe on the back of the card that could be read by government agencies and private businesses. Another possibility is embedding a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip, which is already the case for U.S. passports.

HR 418 also has a few other surprises pack in it. It gives authority to the Homeland Security to set up roadblocks, and stop travel by Air, Bus Train, and automobile. This can be done with out question by, the Executive, Judicial or Legislative branches.

So what the government is forcing the citizens to do is hand over their rights to travel, bank, and basically survive, It is sad but most will do this without a fight. Soon the new catch phrase will be, “Papers Please.”

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

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